Barack “Kardashian” Views Hollywood As Our Arbiters


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“President Barack Obama soaked in the support — and the campaign cash — of Manhattan’s elite entertainers Thursday as his re-election team sought to fill its fundraising coffers,” Feller wrote. “Speaking in a dimly lighted, art-filled room, Obama told supporters they would play a critical role in an election that would determine a vision for the nation’s future.’

“You’re the tie-breaker,” he said. “You’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes.”    Read more: here

What a frightening thought. We’re already ‘ruled’ by the godless and arrogant and our dear Leader is saying this is the right direction.

This sort of celebrity swooning statement, is one of the reasons why Barack Hussein “Kardashian” got this “Kardashian” title.

Who in their right mind, would ever think any Hollywood “celebrity” (most of whom are famous for being famous, as the Kardashian’s) would be the “arbiter” of this nation?  Was this a vision of George Washington that we never heard about?  Does American want George Clooney, Babara Streisand or Michael Moore to be the “person empowered to decide matters at issue; to be the judge and decision maker” of any vital issue?  Yikes! Talk about “there goes the neighborhood”!

Of course we realize, Barack Hussein “Kardashian” Obama was sucking up to his best buds, Hollywood celebrities, just as much as the Hollywood celebs were sucking up to him.  A very symbiotic relationship, indeed.  ‘You give me your money and I’ll be in the tank for homosexual marriage “rights” and give you a standing open-door invitation to the White House where you can gaze upon my greatness’.

Hollywood can have Barack “Kardashian” and he can have them.  Neither of which has the intellect, common reason nor respect for our Constitution to be in public office.   Sadly, that is what we have in the Oval Office.  A man who is guided by his own ideology, which is contrary to the Constitution, lacks any leadership skills, held by his contrived biased, liberal judgment and solely concerned with gaining money, power and retaining office.  But this isn’t a box office.  It’s the Presidential office.  Obama isn’t qualified to hold either.


Repeal! Not Replace!


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In case you hadn’t heard, even if the Supreme Court overturns the progressives’ federal health care juggernaut, prominent GOP leaders vow to preserve its most “popular” provisions. These big-government Republicans show appalling indifference to the dire market disruptions and culture of dependency that Obamacare schemes have wrought.

GOP Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, vice chair of the Senate GOP Conference, told a St. Louis radio station two weeks ago that he supports keeping at least three Obamacare regulatory pillars: federally imposed coverage of “children” up to age 26 ” read more of Michelle Malkin’s article:  here

Another one of the reasons the Tea Party began.  Liberal, RINO Republicans, who love’ dem’selves big government as much as Democrats.  Liberty destroying BIG government, inferring with every aspect of our lives.

Fools like this have no understanding of “personal liberty” afforded to all citizens nor the U.S. Constitution.  Regardless of the outcome passed down from on high, this boondoggle, 2,700 page pieces of socialist manure constructed by Democrats,  IS unconstitutional.  And thus Blunt and many other Republicans have shown their wicked dark-side and their incompetence to hold office.

For the people who care about keeping this country in tact as a ‘free nation’, with some aspects of “liberty and justice for all”, representatives must be carefully vetted and replaced if they can’t grasp and embrace our founding documents.

“Repeal!”  Not “repeal and replace”.  Get government’s busy- body, controlling nose out of our personal health and our doctors note pad.

Barack Hussein Obama And Racism In America


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Stephens-Davidowitz argues otherwise – and says that if Obama loses his re-election bid, racism will be the reason why.

After Obama’s big win in 2008, writes Stephens-Davidowitz, “Many naturally concluded  that prejudice was not a major factor against a black presidential candidate in modern America. My research, a comparison of Americans’ Google searches and their voting patterns, found otherwise. If my results are correct, racial animus cost Mr. Obama many more votes than we may have realized.”
Read more: here

There is a stench of “racism” in America.  Black animosity towards white people has been abounding and growing the last 4 miserable years.

White commentators on network news, love to tout anti-Obamaites as “racist”, to give themselves cover and ‘dispensation’ from attack, from other Liberals of ‘color’.  They refuse to accept the fact that their are American of many colors, who oppose Obama’s policies . . . not his superficial skin tone, which is more transparent than his ideology and radical policies.

Yet we have a continual drum beat of ‘white racism’ from black comedians like Chris Rock ( here) and our way too many elected Congress U. S.  people:    Maxine Water, Andre Carson, Cedric Richmond, Alcee Hastings, Fredrica Wilson and Al Green. (here )  These people not only exude racism and anti-bigotry bias, they encourage others to do the same.

Of course, Attorney General Eric Holder and our less than illustrious Pres. Barack Hussein Obama, have had a few ‘slight of hand’ interjections of racism for their political ‘benefit’.  (the Zimmerman/Martin case and  the racism rant of Henry Gates in “beer summit” and Holders dismal of the guilty Black Panther defendants)

It wasn’t racism that put Obama in office; but ever since that dismal day, we’ve heard little more from the aforementioned people, except bigoted, racist comments about white Americans . . . because they’re have opposing political views: conservative views.  This is one of the many reason Barack Hussein Obama will lose the next election.  Americans have enough of the unchecked race bating.

A fish stinks from the head down.  The sink has been emanating from this White House since 2009.  From the man who should be “bring America together” as Americans.  Instead he seeks to “divide and conquer”.

How Dumb Is Bill Maher? How Deep Is The Ocean?


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In this week’s “How Dumb Is Bill Maher” segment, the Obama-supporting comedian actually said on HBO’s Real Time Friday that the United States ranks fifth worst in the world in income inequality. 

“How could it get much worse?” asked Maher. “I mean, right now we’re fifth in the world, fifth worst in income inequality.”

Some notables with far worse income inequality include Thailand, Hong Kong, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, China, Peru, and Argentina.  Read more: here

How dumb is Bill Maher?  What an boundless question with enumerable answers . . . but on this particular topic, according to the CIS’s World Factbook, the U.S. is currently trolling in a number 43 . . . not 5th.  Of course, Maher being an proud, uninformed, ignorant Liberal, never lets facts get in the way of a good argument or a propagandic tirade.

But I don’t even accept the premise.  Income inequality?  What a load of donkey manure pilled into the back of a liberals limousine.  And I’m sickened by the big mouthed buffoons lurking in the dark recesses of the Left, who are too willfully stupid to absorb facts.  We don’t have “income inequality” in America.  This is American.  Where all are free to pursue, strive and succeed.

In America, the entire premise is liberty.  You want money?  If that’s your goal, we have been established, as a nation that won’t stop you from achieving your financial dreams  –  if you’re willing to put in the work and effort to achieve.  Break that glass ceiling on welfare.  Come out of the poverty ridden ‘government housing’.  No one is stopping you but yourself!

The list is long of Americans, born into poor circumstance, who have risen above those circumstances and are now wealthy Americans.  yea! for them!  I have no envy.  No grudge.  They’ve achieve (through legal means) more money than I ever will.  And I, as other Conservatives, have no angst against their achievement nor do I think they’re money should be taken by our anything but benevolent government and distributed as government sees fit (which lets face it, would be other Democrats.  Proof is in Solyndra, GM and all the failed “green” jobs” and Union bosses).

America has nothing to apologize for.  In fact, America should be telling the buffoonish, boorish fool like Bill Maher, to give his wealth to the Salvation Army or local Food Bank, instead of the $1million he poured down the Obama reelection latrine.  But that’s not what limousine liberals do.  They leave capitalism to their accountants and socialism policies to their redistributive government.

Conservative Bloggers Under Attack For 2012 Election


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In recent weeks a very dangerous pattern of personal attacks against conservative bloggers has occurred with increasing frequency.

Combined with a related decision last week by a judge to place a gag order on a conservative blogger, they now face a real threat to conservative speech at the grassroots level just as the election season is beginning to heat up.

The situation is so serious that Sen. Saxby Chambliss has written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for a full investigation into what appears to be orchestrated attacks against conservative bloggers.

This pattern of attacks has increased in recent months, with Leftist blogs posting the personal information, addresses and pictures of the homes of conservative bloggers.”  Read the full article:    here

One thing’s for sure.  These attacks aren’t coming from “right-wing”, conservatives, Republicans or “teabaggers” (as Obama himself referred to a group of Americans) . . . but from Liberals, Leftist and proud Democrats, willing to do anything to skew and win an election.

Leftist lovers hate the fact we have ‘free speech’ afforded to all in this nation.  They throughly believe, they should have control of speech (thus telling everyone else which words are “acceptable” to use and not use, depending on who you are.  For instance, ‘negro’ and all it’s derivatives are acceptable when used by blacks people . .  but no one else).

Free speech and discussion, have been a founding principle of this country.  It’s also a founding principle of Liberals, Progressives, Socialist, Marxist and Communist to disallow ‘free speech’.  Free speech offers individual people too much freedom, in their jaded, dictatorial view.  It also increases the possibility for truth to flourish, which is never a good thing for the aforementioned people and their propaganda.

Now we have these Leftist doing all sorts of sordid attacks against people due to their conservative, Constitutional beliefs.  This should be illegal (if and when provable) and possibly a felony.  The stunts talked about in the article are way beyond childish pranks.  They’re personal assaults on individual free speech.

Of course, since this is transpiring under the Obama regime and since Attorney General Eric Holder has already proved his bias, prejudice and political bigotry, I have little hope he’ll have this investigated.  For all we know, this could be coming directly from Barack Obama and his surly surrogates.

Comedian Chris Rock’s Racism Shouldn’t Be Acceptable


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Appearing as a guest on Thursday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC, comedian Chris Rock alluded to the Mormon Church’s controversial history on race from several decades ago as he asserted that “Mitt Romney’s crew” had “believed black people were the devil until 1978.” Rock:

What’s going on? Okay, I just heard this the other day. The Mormons, Mitt Romney’s crew, they believed black people were the devil until 1978. I’m not making this up. Right, right, right?  Read more: here

Chris Rock is supposed to be a ‘comedian’.  Like David Letterman, he’s one I don’t find particularly amusing.  But what Rock has certainly exposed himself to be is – a racist:

Referring to Pres. Barack Hussein Obama he said:

ROCK: I’ll take the zebra. You know, in honor of our zebra president. You know?

ROCK: I sounded like George. I love you our president but, you know, he’s black and white.

ROCK: He appeals to all, and that’s what I’m goin’ for. You know, we ignore the president’s whiteness, but it’s there. (here )

Let’s just switched that around and see how amusing it remains.  Picture any white comedian referring to Obama as a “zebra” . . .  and continuing by saying, “you know, we ignore the president’s BLACKNESS, but it’s there”.

The vast majority of white American’s don’t carry around a chip on their shoulder, waiting with anticipation, to be offended but such a jackass comment.  Sadly, way too many black’s in this nation appear to just that.  White people also don’t go into a hyperbolic- offense mode when we hear jerks racist comments about ‘white people’.  We simply realize they’re racist jerks and move along.

But liberals, who are concerned about appearing not to be racist, giggle, laugh and smile when racist jokes are made about white people.  Whereas, the same where said about black folks, they’d stand up screaming, “racist!!” and demand an execution.  All to give themselves ‘dispensation’ from being thought of as ‘racist’.

The truth is, they’re probably racist to some degree.  But what they definitely are – are jerks.

There a many blacks who not only tolerate such bigoted jokes and slurs against and about white people, but partake in it.  Many are elected officials like Cong. Shelia J. Lee, Maxine Waters.  Even Pres. Obama has expressed racial biased in remarks and deeds, as has AG Eric Holder.  Unacceptable.  And it feeds into racial divide, just as it was interned to do.

So, who exactly who are the New Racist of America?  It appears to be black people.  Not all of course.  Herman Cain is a respected and respectful man, at least when it comes to be thoughtful to people regardless of race.  Another is Judge Clarence Thomas, who makes wonderful, intelligent speeches and asserts unbiased opinions … all without degrading any other race of people.

But comedians, actors, etc. like Chris Rock have come out from under the rock, to run with racial slurs against white people.  And dare I say, these are the same white people who have made them rich beyond their dreams.  But these people have shown themselves to be  idiots.  Idiots for thinking slandering a race of people because of skin tone is not just acceptable (because they’re black), but funny.  Rock mocks Romney (for something he had nothing to do with) while he himself, speaks like a racist. What irony.

They’re not funny, they’re just proud of getting away with their bigotry and racism.   “I have a dream that …. they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Chris Rock must choose to believe that only applies to black folks.  Not all folks.

Snooty Gay Neighbors Attack Romney And His House


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The front of Thursday’s New York Times Home section (!) features a large story targeting Mitt Romney that makes the paper’s notorious front-page investigation into Ann Romney’s troubling horse habit look as significant as Watergate by comparison.  (cut)

A liberal gay couple  . . .  Randy Clark right, and his partner, Tom Maddox, object to the expansion – and to the candidate’s stance on same-sex marriage.”

The couple got another photo and caption on the jump page with their political opposition to Romney masked as neighborhood concern: “CONCERNED: Randy Clark, right and Tom Maddox are among those who say they want to protect the tight-knit neighborhood.”   Read more: here

Who can take this sort of propaganda- style, anti-Republican bigotry seriously?  It’s very clear that the NY Times has become a bias ‘rag’ of a paper.  But creating new ways to smear Romney, his family and business success is extreme . . .  extremely petty, extremely small, extremely corrupt. . .  and extremely expected.

The NY Times never found the time nor need to do a journalistic investigation into the background, college years, high school years or look into the associates and friends of ‘Barry’ Barack Hussein Obama before the 2008 election.  Never cared about his associations with radical socialist like Rev. Wright, homeland terrorist like Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn nor his joining a New Socialist political party ( here) because the Democrats weren’t “radical” enough for Obama.

But we’re to be shocked and appalled that “gay neighbors” of the Romney’s hate him and hate his house?

I hope the majority of the voting Democrats aren’t as stupid, whinny and petty as the NY Times insinuates all of them are.  And I foolishly wonder if the NY Times, as well as the corrupt media, will ever discuss Obama’s pathetic record of the last 4 years, or simply keep digging up straw-men to demonize.

Obama’s Third Party Radical Connections!


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Obama’s Third Party
By Stanley Kurtz

Although his campaign vehemently denied it in 2008, newly obtained documentary evidence now establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that Barack Obama joined the New Party, a leftist third party controlled in Chicago by ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), during his first run for office in 1996. I give details in a piece on today’s homepage, concentrating on the new “smoking gun” documentation, and on the attempt by Obama, his campaign, and his old political colleagues to cover up the story in 2008. In the next issue of National Review, I’ll have a piece that explores the ideology of the New Party, as well as the newly discovered details of Obama’s ties to the group.

The New Party’s aim was to transform the United States into a European-style welfare state, with the program of Scandinavia’s social democratic parties serving as a model. Mitt Romney has already identified this as the goal of Obama’s presidency, and the story of Obama’s New Party days lends credence to Romney’s claim.

So while Romney was running Bain Capital, Obama joined a leftist third party controlled by ACORN and dedicated to turning the United States into a massive, European-style welfare state. If Romney’s background at Bain is a fit topic for discussion, so is Obama’s New Party tie. It is now proven that, despite his campaign’s vehement denials in 2008, President Obama gave his allegiance to a party standing far toward the left of the American political spectrum. That is news. Will the press report it?  Read the entire article:  here


If You Think Our National Anthem Is An “Abomination”, You Might Be An Ungrateful Fool


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Liberal talk radio host Bill Press has a bone to pick…with the Star Spangled Banner. Press said recently on his radio show that his main goal is to get rid of it. At first, Press tries to play off his issue with the National Anthem as being because the song is difficult to sing, but quickly expresses his true feelings about the song:

“It’s an abomination.”

“Are we the only ones who are brave on the planet? I mean all the brave people live here. I mean it’s just stupid I think.”

“I’m embarrassed, I’m embarrassed every time I hear it.”  here

I enjoy it when a Liberal Democrat exposes what a bona fide idiot he is.  And Bill Press easily wins the Bonehead Award of the Week.

I’m also sure he supports the anti-American woman ( story here) who refused to rent an apartment to an America war vet because . . . . he’s a vet.  She’s an flower child of the 60’s who never grew up, probably foolishly clung to Obama’s “hopey changey” propaganda and believes destroying guns and ‘giving up’, is equal to world peace.

Lord have mercy.

How anyone can stomach listening to a political bigot like Press is mind stunning.  Who does listen to these people?  Al Qaeda?  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?  Barack and Michelle (who was “never proud of her country before”…).

These people, liberals, who readily suck up the bigoted propaganda other Liberals regurgitate, have to have ‘minds full of mush’.  Which doesn’t mean many aren’t college grads, but that also doesn’t make anyone smart . . .  nor wise.

Learning the truth, seeking it out, studying the facts and absorbing conservative principle makes anyone ‘smart’ and wise beyond years.  And that’s what we want for everyone.  Filled with knowledge . . . not talking points and misinformation.

Liberalism is fact-less and without honesty.  It consist of propaganda, lies and distortions of political bias.  And it’s fed to the eager unknowing and the stupefyingly ignorant.  Fed long enough, these people believe it’s food and heartily suck up more to feed the beast growing inside.  Liberalism is destructive to the mind, soul and body.

Just look at a fool like a Bill Press and you’ll see the results – bitterness, hatred, haranguing his own country and it’s national anthem. Just like little arrogant ‘Barry’ Barack and Michelle – they chose to see ugly when they heard the word America.  They chose not to see the greatest nation that God in his magnificence, placed here.  All to offer personal freedom and liberty to all who want  it . .  fight for it . . .  and cherish it as ‘exceptional’.

You Say You Want To Marry Yourself?


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The media crusade to redefine marriage has taken a radical turn. Media outlets have put a spotlight on the narcissistic practice of “self-marriage,” in which a person marries himself or herself in a formal ceremony.

CNN’s sister network HLN provocatively titled a June 1 piece “Is self-marriage for you?” The HLN piece cited several examples of people who have “taken vows of self-marriage as a way of contractually binding themselves to matrimonial values,” quoting psychologist Brian Powell: “It doesn’t surprise me that people who live alone want some type of acknowledgment from others that this is a reasonable choice.”

Powell conceded that “self-marriage” is not marriage in any legal sense: “Basically it’s not a legal marriage, it’s just a ceremony that says she’s happy.”

Read more: here

I’m thrilled that I’m “old school”.  Where words have definable, actual meanings.  Marriage, for example, still means when a man and woman make the choice to be married – sharing a residence and a life together.  When they make a commitment to that ‘marriage’, forsaking all others to build that life.  Not an easy thing, but a good thing.

Now we have an extremely small minority of a minority of homosexuals, demanding  to be recognized as “married”.  Well, guys and gals, you can have anyone marry you that you can find, but it isn’t and will never be accepted as “married”.  You can take that to the court house.

How far down the road of insanity must someone stroll, to decide to marry him or herself?  That’s enough narcissism to make even Barack “me myself and I” Obama shutter a bit in the deep, deep recesses of his narcissist mind.

The old saying is, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” but it’s certainly wasted on liberal ideas like this one.

I don’t believe much in psychiatrist, but if I did, these people ‘marrying themselves’ need a standing appointment.  Where has a society gone wrong, that this sort of self aggrandizing insanity could even pop up?  I hate to tell you, but it’s liberalism.  That nasty ole nemesis that has one goal: to destroy what is right and good and replace it with all that wrong and bad – to put it simply.

But, no time for a lengthy lecture today.  And besides, if you’re a ‘radical Liberal’, you could never see the insanity of ‘self marrying’.  If you’re not, you’re already convinced of it’s narcissist devaluing of self and marriage.