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One web site devoted to “fighting the smears” (i.e., pretending that what is true really isn’t) apparently isn’t enough for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. There are now three, plus so-called “truth teams” of activists whose mission it will be to serve as rapid-response purveyors of what will likely heaping helpings of fabricated refutations.
This news is now officially 24 hours old; its first appearance, at least per Google News, came via the Washington Post and appeared at the web site of the Minneapolis Star Tribune shortly after midnight Monday morning. To no one’s surprise, a search of the Associated Press’s national site on “Obama truth” (not in quotes) returns nothing relevant, as does an advanced search at the New York Times on “Obama truth team” (also not in quotes). Here are key paragraphs from David Nakamura’s story as it appeared at the Washington Post:

Obama’s ‘Truth Team’ aims to network its way to a reelection win
With his decision to embrace an independent super PAC last week, President Obama issued a plea for deep-pocketed allies to help his campaign fight back against Republican rivals in the increasingly expensive and sophisticated arena of television attack ads.
Now, the Obama campaign is putting out a call for its grass-roots network to join the battle for free.”  more:  Read more: here

The most relevant, pertinent and accurately depicted statement here is, “fighting the smears”  (i.e., pretending that what is true really isn’t).  That’s the entirety of the Democrat machine – dissuading the people from believing what is true.
The list is long (shown here) and the facts are accumulating, much to the ire of Democrats.  Obama is definitely not a forthright, honest man with “gravitas”nor integrity.  Even by a politician standards.  Democrats have made a career of “deeming” their own facts, “smearing” Republicans and using vile, unwarranted attacks against Conservatives.

Their policies of distorting, contorting and blatant lies toward all who have a different opinions or ideas, has grown exponentially over the decades.  They’re now to the point of being fearless in their assault.  And why not?  They have the entirety of the back pocket media going along with their propaganda and “smears” of their enemy – Republicans and Conservatives.

“(Democrat)Rep. Bennie Thompson used his appearance at the 2012 Communications Workers of America Legislative-Political Conference to show the sort of political rhetoric Democrats often accuse Republicans of recklessly using. He repeatedly called his opponents “the enemy,” and urged the audience to flip on Fox News to “see what the enemy is doing.” ( more here)

So who’s really behind the political smear campaign?  Barack Hussein Obama and the willingly, eager Democrats, who are all hell bent into creating an America after their own image.   And that imagine is unfortunately and dangerously, anti-America.  American was specifically founded to contain and control big, voluminous government, who’s tentacles are continually reaching into the lives of individuals.  As we become more and more lazy as a society, we have become complacent regarding our individual freedoms.  This is what’s realized by “big government” loving politicians who now control everything from our toilets to breakfast products.