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House Republican leaders have agreed to pass a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits, bowing to demands from President Obama, Democratic leaders and senior members of their own party.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced the agreement with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Thursday evening after briefing rank-and-file House Republicans on a conference call. The House has agreed to pass a version of the Senate’s two-month payroll tax cut legislation, with a fix demanded by Republicans to make implementation easier.

“On Jan. 1, no American worker will see an increase in their taxes,” Boehner said at a hastily arranged press conference. “Middle-class families and small businesses are struggling, and they’re making sacrifices, and I think this agreement will help our economy.” story here

This is the reason sensible, thinking Americans who refer to themselves as Republicans or Conservative, are so disgusted with Republican leadership.  As with Barack Hussein Obama, there is NO leadership, just tails- between- the- legs, go- along- to- get-alone, bi-partition nothingness.

And still – there is no ‘getting along’.  No accolades from the ‘media’.  No thank you from little Barry or littler Harry.  Just distorted, bigoted rhetoric.

What Obama and the Democrats are doing, are demanding be done, is stripping Social Security funding to the tune of 1 billion dollars, for the 2nd year in a row.  Most people will see little personal gain, something possibly around $40 a month. Enough for half a tank of gas…. or less.

This is pure “reelect me” politics from Barack.  And regardless of what Republicans do, they’ll be slammed by the media.

Common sense would dictate that doing the right thing, standing firm, saying “no” and explaining why to the American public, would make much more sense.  But these weak Republicans, headed by the weak Boehner, are leading America over the cliff, trumpeted by Barack and the boys in the Senate.

In the upcoming election, we must thrown out the Marxist loving Obama and replace many Republicans with conservatives.  That’s the only hope we have to survive what liberalism (aka, socialism) has done to our nation.  Be informed, vote for conservatives.