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MSNBC president Phil Griffin shocked the media elite by telling Eric Deggans of the Tampa Bay Times that you don’t need to build a career in journalism to star at MSNBC. “I’m sorry, I don’t care about journalists. … I want fair-minded, smart people who understand the world and can interpret it,” he said. “If they’re journalists, great. This notion that you somehow you have to have done something to earn so-called journalists’ credentials? Stop.”

They seemed to miss the hilarious part of that passage. That MSNBC has been looking for “fair-minded smart people” and then they hired Al Sharpton. This tells aspiring black journalists to forget the newspaper jobs. Go out and falsely accuse white people of raping black kids. That’s apparently the fast track to hosting an MSNBC show. Griffin has also shredded any rules against moonlighting political activity for Sharpton.”  Read more: more here

After picking myself up off the floor due to ensuing, uncontrollable laughter, I had to say, “wha??”

Since when has MSNBC(BS) been concerned with, much less supported, “fair-minded, smart people”?  Their entire online staff is anything but “fair-minded” and certainly not “smart”.  Liberalism can never been described as “smart” – crafty, deceitful, deceptive and  propagandistic, yes.  But not “smart” any more than intelligent.

Rachel Maddow (un-affectionately known as Rachel Maddcow), Chris ‘leg tingle” Matthews, Joe “I call myself a conservative” Scarborough, the “how many time will he be fired” Ed Schultz, the ridiculously biased “up-Chuck” Todd and the buffoonish un-Rev. like Al “Twany Brawley” Sharpton (he never has apologized for that hoax) are the polar opposite of “fair-minded, smart people”.  And yet, these are the faces of MSNBC.

Granted not all are pretending to be journalist nor reporters, but simply Liberal talking-heads, self proclaimed ‘celebrities, working in front of the camera for MSNBC.  But MSNBC also supposes itself to be a “news” network, when in fact it is an extension of the DNC and the (temporarily) Democrat controlled White House and Senate.  There’s never been anything fair-minded by the Leftist loving hacks at the failing network, which accounts for it’s dismal ratings.  Especially compared with FNC, which has real, unbiased news broadcast along with their Opinion shows.

But, Phil Griffin did give us all a good laugh.  It’s amusing until you realize the drone-minds who watch these biased bigots and think they’re watching a “news” broadcast, filled with accuracies and facts. What they’re actually seeing is 99% pure, unadulterated propaganda.