“NPR is supposed to be a very, very civil space to talk. But apparently not when NPR stations air the weekend talk show of PBS star Tavis Smiley and his Marxist professor friend, Cornel West. Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer was disturbed by West alleging the media and the politicians only care about the “vanilla side of town” and the hosts were “laughing hysterically at a ‘kill Whitey’ joke.” Their guest was 1970s Saturday Night Live star Garrett Morris. Maloney asked, “Can you imagine jokes about killing black people airing on NPR?”
Smiley was laughing at Morris’s banter from the beginning they began with an old SNL skit where Morris sang about how “I’m gonna kill all the whiteys I see.” It was inspired by a (true?) story about a white woman allegedly being pressed into singing her favorite song on an Art Linkletter program and she sang about how “I’m gonna kill all the [n-words] I see.” Smiley laughed at that, at how Linkletter “got burned” by the racist woman. Morris explained:
    cut (ensuing laughter)
Morris also mocked Jesus with a curse word on the program, that he would naturally attract women who wanted to have sex with him: 

“We don’t know what Jesus did between 12 and 30.  You mean a man is back there healing people every other way and some lady gonna say please [bleep] me.  Come on. Oh, my God, did I use a four letter word?  Oh, my God.  Please forgive me.”
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This is repugnant.  It should be repugnant to every taxpaying America, regardless of racist or political leanings.  It’s our money which is given to support this trash.  All in the name of the ‘public good’.

“Tavis Smiley and his Marxist professor friend, Cornel West” are racist and bigots… or do a bang-up good job of imitating ones.  They’re allowed to continue with this uncivil, degrading, hateful discourse because of their race.  Since they’re bitter black men, they give themselves self dispensation to do and say whatsoever they choose.  As do the Liberal they surround themselves with, in our less than illustrious media.

Liberals endorse racism and bigotry.  They slur conservative, white American with a sense of entitlement.  But like all small minded, resentful and jealous people, in the end, they’re gutting themselves by proving what Conservatives have always said.  Liberalism is a disease of the mind and soul.  It’s only hope of cure is first realizing they’re sick, repenting and turning to conservative principles to clean they’re darkened souls.

I think Smiley and West are still too busy laughing at their own bigotry to give that a thought.