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The young child had her meal replaced with, of all things, chicken nuggets. ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today often highlight amusing, weird stories in their broadcast. But only CBS This Morning found time, a mere 15 seconds. Erica Hill explained that the girl was “told to eat cafeteria chicken nuggets after a North Carolina state employee decided the lunch she brought to school was not nutritious.”

Hill added, “That lunch has a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, potato chips and apple juice.

The story has reached national prominence (though not on ABC or NBC). The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on the severe food requirements in North Carolina for young children:

Food From Home
When children bring their own food for meals or snacks to the        center, if the food does not meet the nutritional requirements outlined in the Meal Patterns for Children in Child Care, the center must provide additional food necessary to meet those requirements.”   Read more: here

The Food Nazi’s are are at it again.

When did American parents vote to give up their God given rights to decide what to feed their own children?  One could make a lousy case, that some did just that when they signed up for WIC or any other ‘government assistance programs’, but all parents in the state of North Carolina?  When was it seized by the Obama gestapo?

Right after electing Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue, I would suppose.

This is the typical mindset of liberals – control.  Never satisfied with demanding an individual wear a seat-belt within their own vehicle.  Now it’s telling parents what their own child will, or not, eat.  Insanity.

We’re living under tyrany.  Obama and the Democrats are not “representing the people” but representing their own agenda.  And that agenda is socialism.  Dare I say, dictatorial.  This is the beginning of the decline for American, individual liberty.  The beginning of top-down, governance mandates . . . . unless the people of this country realize there’s something more important transpiring than the latest release of the newest Iphone app.