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Brian Williams, NBC News: “And some disturbing news about the state of this nation’s voting system in the presidential election year upcoming. The Pew Research Center says one in eight voter registrations in this nation is inaccurate, a quarter of eligible voters are not registered at all, 1.8 million dead people in this country are indeed still registered to vote.
Study says the problems here are not due to fraud, but they stem from disorganized and antiquated systems that could use some help from technology.”
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1.8 million dead people could be, might be, or have voted in elections and liberal Williams only problem might be an “antiquated system”?  Does ACORN ring any bell for this man, or does he simply not care.  The truth is that Democrats don’t care about voter fraud because that’s a huge part of their ‘base’.

ACORN, which Barack Obama worked for and still supports and which received funding from the federal government, was and still is headed by radical, liberal minded people, has always had a huge hand in “getting out the vote”.  Dead people, Bugs Bunny, non-existent folks and the homeless with no verification, have all been voting with the assistance of ACORN.  In 2008, it was several thousands votes were ‘discovered’ in the back of an ACORN workers trunk. . . she simply forgot they were there. ACORN workers and executives have been investigated for corruption.

In the trumped up recall election in Wisconsin, ballots were signed by odd charters like Mickey Mouse and Adolph Hitler.  (here)

Democrats are still screaming ‘racism’ at Republicans who have asked for a photo Voter ID, to help at least to some degree, in curbing our rather massive Voter Fraud.  And honestly, the only people who wouldn’t want it a photo Voter ID – are the people who want to cheat.

And here’s Brian Williams calming retorting an outdated system and secretly chortling at all the potential Obama voters for 2012.