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 “(cut) Earlier this week, I brought you a story about a new film, “Occupy Unmasked.” The film exposes the Occupy Movement and shows exactly who is behind it: Leftists and anarchists. On Keith Olbermann’s show on Current TV recently, founder of the Daily Kos Markos Moulitsas justified and then denied rapes happening at occupy camps around the country. Olbermann also called Andrew Breitbart an “escaped roady.”

“They [Occupiers] can be as filthy and they can rape people — if you want to make stuff up — but the fact is nobody really cares about it because that message isn’t about the messenger, it’s not about who’s delivering a message, but it’s about the message itself which really resonates at a very core emotional level with people who are suffering in this economy.” here

Keith Olbermann, who was fired from MSNBC (I believe for making an extremely vulgar remark about a conservative woman) doesn’t appear to have a problem with rape.  At least not as long as it’s going on among the Ocuppier’s (and no doubt, had this been reported at any Tea Party Rally’s, it would have been Headline News).  There’s been numerous accounts of illegal drug use, extreme violence, attacks on police officers, urinating and defecating in public. . . and rape.  But, not a problem for the buffoonish Olbermann – it’s all the “message”.

And what is that message?  After you clear out all the ranting and repetitious mantras, it’s about socialism.  ‘Gimme, gimme’ because I deserve it.  Free college, free houses, free whatever.  The majority of these people, those not being paid, (here) were at those ‘squat in’s’ for a variety of reason.

But it was also clear, these were disgruntled liberals, hating Americans who are financially successful. A financial success, which they themselves would like to have, but unwilling or incapable of working to gain that success, on their own merits.   Therefore, their major gripe would be: the pettiness of jealousy.  Hating those who have what they don’t, hating capitalism and longing for some communist nirvana.  That was their message.  And that’s the ‘message’ of most of Liberalism.  Destroying capitalism, rebuilding American into a European socialist state.  One which is proved to fail throughout the world.  Look what’s happening in Greece as the government is no longer able to ‘give’ to the entitled.  Look at that glorious mecca of Cuba, where people are still fleeing communist dictators to run toward America.  These are socialist states.  These are failed nations.

But according to Keith Olbermann, rape is just a small, meaningless bi-product of the bigger movement.  “Nothing to see here… move along.”