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From denying God’s existence, to attacking Christians, to attacking the Bible, Hollywood has launched an all-out war on Christianity in America. A new black comedy titled “God Bless America” is Hollywood’s latest effort mocking God and the United States.  (cut) The trailer makes sure to include a hate-mongering Christian minister attacking Jews and homosexuals among the killer’s many targets.  While Frank’s rage against a shallow society is understandable, “God Bless America,” like Showtime’s hit TV show “Dexter,” celebrates a man who justifies using violence against people he considers evil, claiming “I only want to kill people who deserve to die.”

However, the movie’s title takes a gratuitous shot at the Christian God, by implying that God has “blessed” America with fools and idiots that need to be eliminated, and at those who revere America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Goldthwait also depicts Christians in the usual Hollywood manner – by equating them all with the members of the extremist Westboro Baptist Church.”   More: here

Undoubtedly, this is the view of most of the liberal Hollyweird elites.  As is true with so many of the Liberal mindset – they loath morality, virtue, God and anyone who dare tout moral values.  They would never admit that, but the proof is in what they support.  Promiscuity of all sorts, the killing of Innocent (abortions), not just the acceptance, but the whole hearted embracing of all things homosexual, including the “right” to marriage.

The elites enjoy spurning and ridiculing Christianity just as much as they enjoy spurning and ridiculing anyone not fulling endorsing the “peaceful” religion of Islam.  Christian’s are simple fair game for the Liberal minded vampires.

ABC network is coming out with a new series entitled “GCB” – changed from the original title “Good Christian Bitches”.  I suppose they got too much blow-back to go with the original title, so they cowardly backed off, hoping to hook a few millions viewers before those viewers realized what the title actually was?  Personally, I know I’m looking forward to their next endeavor, “Wild Muslim Bitches”…. but I’m guessing I’ll have a long wait.

We’ll see how well this movie “God Bless America” will do, but I doubt it’ll be any box office hit.  Just as the movies slamming Pres. George W. Bush were tremendous failures at the box office.  ‘Hollyweird’ won’t really mind . . . as long as they get to express their “freedom of speech” which they’d like to extinguish from conservatives.

God bless American and may He enlighten those who so hate Him.