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Relying on tax returns and websites of wealthy U.S. foundations, a Daily Caller investigation has revealed the sources of more than $28.8 million in funding collected by the liberal Media Matters for America since 2003, the year before its formal incorporation. That sum represents 54 percent of every dollar the organization has raised in its history, making Media Matters a principally foundation-driven — not citizen-supported — activist group.
The list of Media Matters’ foundation funders, 120 in all, reads like a Who’s Who of the American progressive movement, including the far-left Tides Foundation ($4,384,702), George Soros’ Open Society Institutes ($1,075,000), the Ford Foundation ($966,466), the Sandler Foundation ($400,000) — endowed by subprime mortgage lenders Herb and Marion Sandler, who once bankrolled the embattled ACORN organization — and the Schumann Fund for Media and Democracy ($600,000), managed by longtime PBS host Bill Moyers and his son.
They also include the anti-George W. Bush organization MoveOn.org ($50,000), the Barbra Streisand Foundation ($85,000), the kids’ shoes-powered Stride Rite Charitable Foundation ($25,000), the Lear Family Foundation ($55,000) — endowed by the TV producer and People for the American Way founder Norman Lear — and the Joyce Foundation ($400,000), whose board of directors included Barack Obama from 1994 to 2002.”   Read more: here

Individuals, groups or corporation, of course have the right to support any group they choose.  But scanning the list you’ll easily see it’s the usual list of unusual far left suspects.  The same people who not just oppose all opposing views, but hate those views enough to shut it up permanently, if able.  That’s the Left.  That’s Liberalism.

What is disturbing about Media Matters is they’re a tax exempt group, meaning contributions are tax deductive.  It also means MM is supposed to be non- politically biased – it’s a “non profit” organization.  (insert laughter here).

Media Matters has one goal, of which they proudly boast – the literal destruction of Fox News Chanel.  The reason is also crystal clear.  As with all Leftist or Liberals, they despite free speech and want to silence any and all rhetoric coming from the Right.  Conservative speech, in their view, should be banned.  The Left can’t take the heat.  They don’t want their corruption, distortions and lies to be revealed to the general public. The truth is their enemy.

It’s also been proved that MM has a direct connection to, of all places, the White House, which translates into: Barack Hussein Obama.  Obama, who has loudly complained and about Fox News on more than one occasion (here and  here).  Democrats and Liberals don’t easily accept anyone having an alternative view, and that certainly describes the fraudulent Barack Obama.

MM isn’t just trying to ‘shut down’ FNC, but other conservatives voices like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  Who wants to do that?  Who believes free speech should be control solely by liberals in government?  Liberals and Democrats.  Their doctrine is now consumed with socialist ideology.

Media Matters should be investigated by the IRS.  They’re breaking the law and by no means, deserve ‘tax exempt status’.  Call your federal Representative and ask them to do just that.  (here’s the list)