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“Can you imagine the media firestorm if a conservative made a sex joke about Michelle Obama on television that also demeaned her husband?  On HBO’s Real Time Friday, during a sketch deriding Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s views about sex, host Bill Maher joked about the former Pennsylvania Senator’s wife using a vibrato.

“(Santorum’s) Wife spends forever in the bathroom. Since when do Lady Gillettes buzz?” Oh, Rick. These tweets are out of control.”   Read more: here

Indeed!  Can we imagine the climatic (no pun intended) roar of discontent, were any Republican to utter such vile nonsense about Michelle Obama? Obama would be waving a bony finger on every network for a week.   And why are Liberals so all consumed with all things sexual?  Perhaps it’s due to their own self loathing and inability to . . . find a ‘satisfying’ relationship . . .  except with themselves . . .  in the closet?

Bill Maher is quite the funny man.  His uber intellect allows him to mock what he has absolutely not a scintilla of knowledge about and his ‘humor’ manifests itself in the most dire, gruesome form since Genghis Khan stormed through the villages, looking for maidens.  I bet Maher would have loved to have seen Marie Antoinette beheaded and dreamily wondered if she found it titillating (particularity had she been a Republican).  Maybe he’d had a tingle running up his leg like Chris Matthews.

Poor, pathetic Maher.  He’s not just a dirty old man, he’s one filled with loathing and hate for that which he’s truly ignorant and downright stupid about – human decency.  He maligns Sarah Palin and her family, spits on the Santorum’s for their moral beliefs. . . and all because he has none of either.

American needs a ‘back to the future’ moment, when certifiable vulgar idiots like Maher and Letterman would be run out of town, tarred and feathered (which I understand, was a very unpleasant experience).  But perhaps they’d be allowed to take the favorite “adult  toy” with them as a consolation prize.  umm, kinda doubt it.