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“Every year, more than a thousand National Guard, reserve and active-duty troops coming back from Iraq, Afghanistan or other military duty complain of being denied jobs or otherwise being penalized by employers because of their military obligations.

It is against federal law for employers to penalize service members because of their military service. And yet, in some cases, the U.S. government has withdrawn job offers to service members unable to get released from active duty fast enough; in others, service members have been fired after absences.
“On the one hand, the government asked me to serve in Iraq,” said retired Army Brig. Gen. Michael Silva, a reservist who commanded a brigade in Iraq and was fired from his job as a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol contractor upon his return. “On the other hand, another branch of government was not willing to protect my rights after serving.” more here

The Federal government, who has laws forbidding discrimination and who will eagerly sue a private employer over any ‘perceived’ discrimination complaint, is the “biggest offender”.

We ask these people to serve their county.  And that isn’t in the Union controlled Post Office or some cushy bureaucracy job in D.C. or other municipality; but fighting barbarians, who are ready to decapitate any one of them, given the opportunity.

And yet, when coming home to hearth and family, their ‘government job’ has been given to someone else.  This just shouldn’t be. Our economy is dismal and unemployment still one of the highest ever (thanks to Obama/Democrat policies.  The true unemployment number is still hovering around 12% here) but this is (for the time being) Obama’s government, which is refusing to give our Vets their jobs.

And knowing Obama, it’s probably, somehow, in some way, Bush’s “fault”.