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“Everyone must sacrifice for the greater good… Everyone must have some skin in the game.” to quote Barack and Michelle.

Of course, since they’re the current new elite, the American addition of Royalty (in their own estimation) ruling over huddled masses, sacrifice doesn’t apply.  Heck, why not spending other people’s money while you can.  That is the “Obama way”.

Michelle Obama’s vacations have cost taxpayers more money than any other First Lady in our history, and she’s is at it again . . . in Aspen.  She’s spent well over 42 days ‘vacationing’ and over $10 million taxpayer dollars, even to the shock of Europe (here).

But why so many vacations and what from?  It’s not like she has a grueling schedule and humongous demands on her time and intellect.  She has butlers, maids, chauffeurs and handmaidens to do her bidding.  I’m just as sure she doesn’t take the little Obamaettes to school at the crack of dawn either.  Perhaps she really doesn’t like the White House and looks for excuses to leave… at our expense.

She’s spent millions on her Secret Service, Air Force 2 and whatever else entails hauling her around.  But it’s just money . . . and the Obama’s don’t seem to mind spending OUR money.  After all, Barack just ratcheted up the national debt by 5 trillion.  Or is it more today?
So what could possibly be the problem with spending more of our money on their leisure.  They are the Obama’s.

The Obama Way – spending OPM, at least while you can.  The day is quickly approaching when they’ll be forced to spend more of your own. (shutter.  what a shock that will be to Barack checking account)