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On the Time Ideas blog, Harvard administrator Erika Christakis dismissed all the “hysteria with a fever pitch” about religious liberty, insisting that if the Catholic bishops don’t like the Obama administration making them pay for contraceptives, abortifacients, and sterilizations, they could do the MLK/Mandela thing and go to prison in an act of civil disobedience. That’s the way liberals say “put up or shut up.”

“Let’s see what our society would look like if we all had the luxury of imposing our unfettered will,” Christakis lectured, as if that’s not what Obama is doing. “At a minimum, the Catholic bishops and employers resisting contraceptive coverage should be willing to pay for the care of all those unwanted children. Or perhaps they’d be willing to spend some time in jail in protest. At my taxpaying expense, of course.”  Read more: here

Well, praise Stalin! . . .  Erika Christakis might as well be.

This is prime- time- Liberalism on full display.  Suggesting ‘clergy’ should go to jail for protesting what their religious doctrine tells them is wrong and forbidden, is a bit vile but not unexpected.  The ‘tolerance’ and ‘open-mindedness’ of the Left is always a breathtaking, since it is always consumed in hypocrisy.  Has she suggests the same for the criminals involved in the ‘Occupiers’?  Those socialist appreciating, felons breaking squatters through the country? No, she hasn’t.

Liberals clearly  have a huge problem with allowing the 1st amendment to find fruition.  The government does not have the authority to tell religious institutions what to believe or create mandates for them to follow, yet that is plainly what Barack Hussein Obama has done.  Why should religious institutions be “forced” to pay for a woman’s bad, immoral or inconvenienced behavior?  How about the individual taking personal responsibility and paying for what she wants? If she’s not going to abide by the Catholic dogma, that is between her and the church.  Not Obama.

There is no need, or has their ever been a need, for religious associated hospitals to pay for contraception and abortions.  This is another ‘straw-man’ argument made up by Democrats to cover Obama’s dismal, failed policies.  But it has clearly brought to the fore, how much angst and hated Liberals have for American’s religious foundations.