A new USA Today poll shows most Americans believe President Obama is too liberal and that his polices have not benefited the country in a positive way.

Americans are more likely to say his presidency has been a failure than a success, 50%-44%.  . . .  A 51% majority say Obama is too liberal, and Americans are inclined to say they disagree with him on the issues that matter most to them.   here

Golly gosh, Gertrude! Who’d a’thought?!  But isn’t this revelation rather like realizing the sun is warm or water is wet?  Who didn’t know that?  The answer is just as simple – those who’d didn’t want to know.

I sometimes wonder, as precious as the right to vote is, are there some people who just shouldn’t be allowed to vote?  Possibly our voting base should held be just those who own some taxable property?  And what about the totally uninformed who couldn’t name the VP or Speaker of the House if their life depended on it?  Should they be part in making these decisions for the rest of us?  We’ve seen those glassy eyed folks on Jay Leno for years.  Jesse Waters of FNC also does interview segment with people who only appear to be informed on the absurd goings on Jersey Shore and have no idea where D.C. is even located.  Should they vote in our National elections?

There could be a terrific case made for, no. 

How can someone vote for a President, Senators and Congressional representatives,when they have no clue as to what that person supports, believes, has said or done… or will do?

The left leaning media covered up who Barack Hussein Obama was – a man supporting infanticide; who’s mentors were communist and radical, anti-American types.   And yet, just in the last couple of years, I’ve heard people say, “reality??!”  Who Obama is was uncovered on conservative talk radio, the Internet and FNC.  There was little excuse for anyone to remain this clueless and ignorant. 

Obama is far more than just “too liberal”.  He’s too Marxist.  He’s too communistic.  He’s too apologetic for American’s greatness and exceptional ism.  He’s just too anti- everything that makes America, America. 
All the aforementioned are true and factual. . .  and yet, we still have people gash in horror at the suggestion that this “moderate”, centrist Hawaiian born (?) man was any ting but what he actually is.  These are the truly ignorant and self-deceived among us.