The release of the new Nike sneaker at a Florida mall ahead of the NBA All-Star Weekend was canceled Friday after riot police were forced to break up fights among the crowd outside an Orlando store.
Hundreds of people were dispersed from the Foot Locker House of Hoops store after trouble broke out Thursday night in the countdown to the doors opening at midnight, WOFL-TV reported.  
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Greece in particular, but all over Europe, the entitlement- minded, gimme gimme folks, are rioting to demanded government keep toting their boats for them.  The Union type people who think they should be making the same as a brain surgeon for installing a windshield wiper. 
Greedy idiots.
Here in America we have the entitlement minded, gimme gimme folks rioting over . . . . a shoe?
Greedy idiots.  And it’s difficult to say who’s the worst offender.
Who, prey tell, is such a mental midget to cause such a ridiculous upheaval and chaos over a frickin, rather ugly sport shoe?  Males, undoubtedly.  But if all the true problems this country is now facing, such as huge unemployment, sky rocketing gasoline prices and still, thanks to our liberal socialist Barack Obama, a horrible economy, these idiots have a melt down over buying an over priced, over valued shoe.
They should be rioting in D.C. where at least, their vile, foolish behavior might be worth something in the long run.