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President Obama tried to place the blame of rapidly rising gas prices solely on Republicans ….. despite his own failed energy policies of killing the Keystone pipeline project and giving millions to now bankrupt solar companies.
“It’s the easiest thing in the world to make phony election-year promises about lower gas prices,” Obama said in a speech on energy at the University of Miami.

Which brings us back to 2005, when now DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz railed against President Bush on the House floor because gas had reached an average of $3-per-gallon.  here

Gas prices reached a high of $1.86 when George W. Bush was President.  The media Democrats and lap-dog railed and sniped on him about the price of gas. . .  every day.  A constant drum beat, to do as much political damage to a Republican President as possible.

Now America would give almost anything to have gas at that high price of $1.86.  $1.86 which was so long, long ago in a Presidency far away . . . way back in the year 2008

How times change.

The media is now quiet.  Well dug in to their usual stance of protecting any Democrat at any cost, which is to the extent of losing all their credibility.  There’s no calling Obama “Hitler!” or pounding their little fist and demanding he do ‘something’ about oil prices.  Not even as Barack sputters out the (stupidly) glorious anticipation of turning pond scum into fuel for your Kia.  There’s no recounting of his Liberal,  failed policy’s resulting in impending $5 gallon gas. No, we hear the sound of silence.  Most of what we now hear is Obama snapping at Republicans for even mentioning the price of gas. 

All hail Obama.

There are many reasons gas prices fluctuate and many the President has no control over – thank God.  But Obama and the biased media, is also bragging about higher gas production.  But they are a direct result of Pres. Bush’s policies which are still lingering in our economy – thank God.  

Obama has cut drilling and exploration everywhere in America.  The Gulf of Mexico is still silent, most of those rigs now in Venereal.  The same socialist controlled Venezuela which Obama gave millions of our tax dollars to, so they could enjoy off shore drilling.   And then there’s that Canada pipeline little Barack said “no!” too.

“NO GAS FOR YOU!”  is what Barack would like to scream at the ‘masses’, like some comical character out of “Seinfeld” show. But our man-child President isn’t comical… just a dangerous character who was miscast as President of the United States.