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In an apparent fit of rage against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, liberal New York Times columnist Charles Blow took to Twitter to tell him to “stick that in your magic underwear” for supporting the idea that society ought to concern itself with the large numbers of children born outside of wedlock.

That sentiment apparently set off Blow who tweeted the following at 8:56pm ET on the 22nd: “Let me just tell you this Mitt ‘Muddle Mouth’: I’m a single parent and my kids are *amazing*! Stick that in your magic underwear.”   Read more: here

The expected lack of “civility”, which our glorious leader, Obama, demanded in Arizona, seems to be something Liberals and Democrats demand from all but themselves.   As is their appalling, anti-moral stance they’re so proud of.  It’s just who they are.  But it is interesting how these same people demand civility and respect from those they verbally assault.

Being a single parent doesn’t require a Badge of Honor or Medal of Commendation.  It certainly isn’t anything requiring an Oscar or a staring role in a fleeting reality show.  Honestly, it’s usually due to circumstance, not beyond the individual’s control.

The (sad) facts are statistics prove that unfortunately, minority women are more likely than not to be “single parents”, increasing the likely hood of a tremendous financial struggle, public housing confinement, lack of education, more likelihood that their children will be gang members, who never complete school, and who have extended stays in jail.  Under-educated, under utilized and under using their God given abilities as a productive adult.

And even more clear, is the direct line correlating between Democrat policy’s and the ‘single parent’  households.

No money, no food, no daycare? . . . .  don’t worry, government is here to help. But helping someone make a lifestyle of ‘government assistance’ programs, is not help.  It’s another hideous form of slavery.  Bad choice are likely to lead to bad outcomes.  They aAlways has; always will.

Of course, the real problem we face as a nation, is a result of prerequisite sexual encounters, usually by young girls wanting a boyfriend and going about that in the wrong manner. Young males selfishly seeking their out 15 seconds of fun at someone else expense. But we’re not to say that anymore, according to the Liberal – Democrat lexicon of Correct Political Speech..  If we believed Liberals, everyone is going to have sex so why not give them all a condom and pay for the abortion or 20 years of Welfare?  Because it’s immoral – one word that Liberals loath.  Moral standards is like stake through the heart of a vampire.

Maybe Mr. Blow thinks his kids are okey-dokey, and maybe they are.  But are they really with no Mother to bake them cookies, take them to school or football practice or tuck them in at night? Is one parent ever ‘dispensable” in our lives?  Mitt Romney was speaking about the ‘bigger picture’ Blow finds insulting.  What about the children growing up in sub-housing to Welfare Moms?  I’m sure his answer would be for someone to pay to ‘fix it’.  Liberals always choose spending other peoples money and not their own, even for their own misdeeds.  But that’s a band-aid on the problem and offers no cure.  The cure would be morality.  Start the family after marriage, when a man and woman make a committee to each other and any children they have.

Maybe Mr. Blow should stick that in his “magic underwear” and fly off to the Liberal Land of Nirvana.  I think that’s even a requirement of Blow’s Church Of Narcissism.