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There won’t be any complying with Obama’s order to supply  birth control… “According to Francis Cardinal George, archbishop of Barack Obama’s home town of Chicago.  In a missive to parishioners on the first Sunday of Lent, Cardinal George warns that the Catholic Church will shut down its hospitals, clinics, and charities before submitting to the mandate — and provides a little history lesson as well  here

Well, hot dog!  There’s nothing quite so interesting as having a Catholic Archbishop on board from getting on the get- rid- of- Obama- and- his- Obamacare dictates!

What a terrific move!

Little Barack doesn’t have the authority to tell these Catholic hospitals and health care centers what to do or how to do it.  Especially when it’s in direct contrast to their religious beliefs.

Keep up the good work people.  Obama will be easily defeated, repealed and his socialist ideology thrown in the trash where these massive mandates belong.