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Most Democrats, certainly not close to be all, at least pretend to respect the Constitution and abide by it.  The truth is, they do not.

But in this video, Democrat Kathy Hochul (NY) actually tells these people that the Constitution wasn’t even consulted for Obamacare HHS Mandate. She even implies that constitutionality was not considered for the entire Health Care law.  And we know it wasn’t.  Democrats don’t care about the Constitution – they care about their will; they agenda.

The only positive thing here, is that she admitted the truth, most likely under the false impression she was speaking to ‘friendlies’ and her words wouldn’t come back to bit her in the behind.

Every Representative, every Senator, every Judge…. every President must swear, take an oath, to uphold the U.S. Constitution, which is the highest law of the land.  We would be hard pressed to find one Democrats who actually does.  As with Barack Hussein Obama, the Constitution is an impediment to what Liberals want to ‘do’ to America – which is make it a socialist, governemnt controlled country. They’ve about succeeded.

We lose more freedom, more personal liberty every day.  Now we have this hideous Obamacare looming  over our liberty.  If it’s successful and upheld (which it shouldn’t be), it will be literally forced on a free people.  Government will feel free to move toward to insert itself even more drastically into our lives, choices and decision.  We’ll no long be free.

Obama’s mandates, or dictates which is what they correctly are, have now told the church what it must do and will do, or be punished.  Unconstitutional!

The majority of what Obama has done to America, is constitutional.  Just as he’s gone behind closed door to appointment people who make personal, liberal held decision on our lives, livelihood and demise.  People who should have been sent to Congress for approval.  He’s done so with intent and purpose, as he’s urinated on the Constitution, Congress and our laws.

Surely, in all this Obama chaos, there’s legal grounds to impeach this man.  If only we had men of courage to take the necessary steps.