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BILL MAHER: You are allowed to have your opinion. You’re allowed to have your opinion that a Palestinian 2000 years ago walked on water and did magic tricks and he was really still his own father and all that stuff. That’s fine. You can have whatever opinion you want, and the fact that a billion other people believe it gives you a lot of strength and credence. But I also have the opinion that that’s ridiculous, that it’s anachronistic, this is the 21st century.”   Read more: here

Bill Maher, the occasional humorous Left winger-nut, is a proud atheist and I’m sure will continue to be until one minutes after his demise.  As as most Left wingers, he’s also proudly pontificate his own facts.

He’s made it clear he thinks Christians are foolish boobs and I must assume he feels the same about the Jewish people.  But even so, it’s never ‘cool’ to state your own ignorant, biased opinion as fact.  Even Muslims know that Jesus Christ was Jewish. So, why does Maher decide to refer to the living God a a Palestinian?  Most likely simply to gain attention. . . at any cost.

If he bothered to care, he could find out that the term “Palestinian” didn’t come about until centuries after Jesus Christ died and rose again.  Any reasonable twit could understand that He couldn’t possibly have been ‘Palestinian’ Arab.  Anyone giving a monocle of respect to either the Jewish or Christians beliefs wouldn’t say that He was Palestinian, but we know from Maher history that he continually refuses to do either.

What is a fact, is that in the 1900 hundreds the people living in now Israel, were called Palestinian but were also known to be Jews, not Arabs.  It wasn’t until much later that the squatters from Arabia, stole the name, stole some land and started referring to themselves as Palestinians.  But that land does not belong to Arabs.  It was given to the Hebrews centuries ago and will also be their land.

In the meantime, Bill Maher can continue to refer to the Lord as doing “magic tricks” if he chooses.  Unlike Muslims, Christians won’t be removing his head with a dull machete.  It’s empty, anyway. . . . and fairly useless.