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On Wednesday’s NBC Today, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd was looking for any excuse to be an Obama spokesman as made this declaration about the announced retirement of Maine Senator Olympia Snowe: “…she’s serving as a personal testimonial to the President, who says there’s no more centrist coalition inside the Republican Party.”
On Tuesday, ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer praised the liberal GOP legislator as, “The principled voice of reason in some of the most contentious debates in Washington…”  Read more: here

“Centrist”, “principled voice of reason”, “moderate”… oh yes, certainly deserving of Liberal praise.  A “Centrist” and “principled voice of reason” … are code words to for a Moderate.  And a moderate is simply a person incapable of making the commitment to liberalism.

These are wishy-washy, unprincipled individuals who view their self-imposed ‘moderate’ status, as something the liberal media will swoon over, almost as if they were a principled, bona-fide Liberal.  They also deem themselves smarter than the rest, for their sway-ability.

There’s nothing to be praised about any of the “centrist”, “principled voice of reason” or “moderate” people.  And particularly when they reside within the Republican party.  Snow, as with Susan Collins and John McCain, are all proud moderate folks:  aka Closet Liberals.  You won’t find them supporting the all of the Republican platform and certainly very little that’s honest Conservatism.  But they run as Moderates Republicans (RINO’s) because it’s easier to win and influence uninformed voters, by calling themselves moderate and centrist.

Snow won’t be missed.  I applaud her leaving.  And if voters have an iota of common sense, which isn’t so common, they’ll replace her with a true principled conservative.