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The three networks have, thus far, skipped Tuesday’s revelation by Energy Secretary Steven Chu that the “overall goal” of the Obama administration isn’t to get gas prices down. This is despite the fact that ABC, NBC and CBS have previously focused on the rising gasoline prices in general.” 
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This is stunningly amazing.  I don’t mean because so many of the usual suspects in the biased media, failed to even mention the fact; but that this boob, Steven Chu, let the cat out of the crate.  Occasionally, Democrats do fumbled badly and misspeak but speaking the truth.  This is one of them.

Obama’s has stopped the process of bringing more oil here… from way up there, in Canada.  His phony, ‘we need to stupid the environmental impact longer’ speech was met with moans, giggles and rotten tomatoes.  It’s been “studied” for over 3 years.  Does he believe we don’t know that?  Keystone would be key in creating more jobs for Americans with the marvelous byproduct of cheaper gasoline.  But still, King Obama said NO.

Obama, much to his denials, has halted most exploration in America off shore, underground, everywhere possible.  It’s quite clear, the Democrats don’t want us to use our own nature resource – oil.

One of the main reasons for their lunacy is to literally “force” Americans into buying and using the ridiculous, not- ready- for- prime time electric cars.  Electricity which is mostly supplied by coal – coal which Obama is also single-handedly restricting and punishing for even existing.  And thus, forcing the cost of electricity even higher.

Radical Libs like Obama and Democrats, who are soiling Congress with their socialist hides, are pushing their radicals views on the rest of us.  Marxist views and ideology, which will cause America to “fail” and become more like the pathetic third world countries which Obama so admires… along with their dictators.