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A substantial portion of young women in the U.K. would choose breasts over brains, according to a recent online survey.

The U.K. discount website My Voucher Codes asked 1,100 18-25-year-old women if they would trade their IQ’s for bigger breasts. One-third of respondents said they would.

The survey . . . also found that 41 percent of women would rather have bigger breasts than a high IQ, and 24 percent of those who preferred bigger breasts said it was because it would make them “feel happier.”  here

“Feel happier”?  Now seriously, it has little to do with ‘feeling happy’ and all to do with a perceived sex appeal.  Gloria Steinem would roll over in her grave. . .  were she in it.

MS Steinem and the feminazi’s (so aptly named by Rush Limbaugh) have been working for 40 something years to convince the female population that they don’t need to rely on their boobs –  their brains.  And here comes some stats showing women still want their feminine wiles.

A real women has a natural desire to be attractive, and not just to other women.  The whole purpose, as in nature, is to attract their counterpart, the much maligned male of the species.  This is what makes the Steinem “feminazi” movement so ridiculously silly.  Liberals actually believe, they can change God created human nature.

There’s nothing wrong with women having brains, and if a man thinks so, there’s obviously something wrong with that particular male. Toss overboard.

But just as correctly, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be ‘well endowed’.  There is something a little cuckoo with some women who have taken that to the extreme of extremes.  I mean seriously, who wants to look like a caricature of womanhood and give up ever being taken seriously as a functioning person?  Brains and boobs can work well together to whatever end a woman wishes to take them.

Personally, I hope women won’t substitute boobs for brains.  That’s most likely all the proof we need that they have no brains.