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Thursday’s NBC Nightly News promoted a left-wing effort to impugn and silence Rush Limbaugh. “A firestorm of outrage from women after a crude tirade from Rush Limbaugh and as the battle over birth control takes another turn,” anchor Brian Williams ominously teased his newscast.

… Williams warned “some may find some of the comments in this next story offensive.” He claimed “there is a growing firestorm over comments made by Rush Limbaugh,” about a woman, Sandra Fluke, who testified in favor of forcing her Catholic college to pay for her contraception, and so “a lot of women are expressing their outrage.”  Read more: here

The real “offensiveness” and outrage has always come to from the Left.  That’s where the true radical, ‘hate speech’ always emits itself.  And these pompous, Democrat- repeating- talking- points- airbags know it.

Rush’s comments, as usual, are twisted by Liberals so they can pretend to be insulted, followed by gasps of shock, groans of horror and maligning moans, followed by some idiots complaining about ‘freedom of speech’.  Aka, enter Cong. Shelia Jackass Lee of Texas.  But I digress . . . . .

The phony Sandra Fluke has admitted she chose to go to a Catholic college (which doesn’t supply birth control) to engage in her sideline and alternate goal to create a firestorm for free (welfare provided) birth control.  All for her personal, prerequisite lifestyle of wanton sex.  According to her liberal viewpoint, she should able able to engage in all sorts of sexual activity with no personal responsibly, especailly out of her pocketbook.

There used to be a name for females of this caliber, besides prostitute… they’re were just considered slutty.  True, she is allowed to be a slutty as she chooses, but taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay for her BC pills, abortions or STD’s.   Which is the point Mr. Limbaugh so brilliantly made.  And which the Left is fully aware.  But they love to take his words out of context, pretending he said something he didn’t, so they can pretend to be ‘insulted’.  Either that, or they’re all as stupid as they sound.  But one thing is for certain, the Liberals make fools of themselves with their intentional misquotations.

Democrats drug up this rather phony issue to take the easily distracted drones eyes off the real problem in America – Barack Hussein Obama horrible performance as President.  A ‘straw man’ of distraction and no real “issue” at all.

Woman will always be able to get their little BC pills.  And the females like Sandra Fluke can continue to pay for her personal sexual needs.  Or if  she’s really as smart as she thinks, she can get the boyfriend of the week, those compliant, string of college males, to pay for using her . . . .  or vice verse.  But there’s no need to government funded ‘good times’ to be supplied by taxpayers.  If Sandra is really desperate, she can ‘knock up’ Mommy and Papa for the price of her STD’s and pills.