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…..Politico columnist Roger Simon recited the liberal line of attack on Republicans as he theorized that female voters were being turned off from Republicans.

After quoting the Democratic charge of there being a GOP “war on women,” moments later he wondered why Republicans were trying to get government ‘into our wombs.”

And there’s also a larger price you pay for this. Women, I think, can be said to be increasingly concerned about what Democrats call the Republicans’ “war on women.”   Read more: here

Get “government into our wombs”?  I believe that Democrat lead assault was flourishing under Pres. John Kennedy and expanded to new heights under Dem. Pres. Bill Clinton.  Neither of whom were Republicans.  They were certainly ‘getting into women’ wombs and otherwise, but I digress. . . . . .

If any government lead entity is “getting into wombs”, it IS Democrats.  It’s their liberal policies which began reaching into women to  disembody a new baby’s life.  Not Republicans.  It’s now Democrats who want to reach in and control birth-control, to control health care.  And once health care is controlled by big government, they can control every aspect of our lives… literally.

Mr. Roger Simon is simply repeating talking points from the White House to push the Liberal agenda.  And it’s a very dangerous, intrusive agenda at that. Even more so than either that of the philandering Pres. Kennedy or Clinton.