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The apology wasn’t good enough. Journalists on Monday’s Good Morning America chided the Republican presidential candidates for “equivocating” and not strongly condemning Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke. Analyst Matt Dowd appeared to deride Mitt Romney for “missing a huge opportunity” to slam Limbaugh.
John Berman focused on the fact that the conservative radio host called his own words “insulting” and that his apology went “much further than the words used by the Republican presidential candidates, whose condemnations all came with equivocations or deflections.”
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More blah, blah, blah from the hypocritical Left.

Rush Limbaugh didn’t need to apologize.  But he’s a gentleman and a man of respect for other people, whether they deserve it or not.  His for an apology was because he “sounded like the Left”, which wasn’t his desire.

Yet the blathering, yappering Liberals jumped to condemn his speech as they continued to ignore, if not praise, their own ‘hate speech’.  The list is way to long to recount, but people Bill Maher, Letterman,  really anyone at MSNBC . . .  we expect no civility on any level.  Not to mention, few accuracies.  Simply Leftist, Liberal opinion punctuated by distortion of facts and extreme fabrications.  To this day, they recount that it was Gov. Palin who said, “I can see Alaska from my backdoor”, and not some comedian.

But let someone on the Right speak, and there’s clamors of angst resounding off the network walls.  (chuckle chuckle)

It’s as funny as they are phony.  Keep up the good work, Rush.  Someone has to.