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1. HBO chose to adapt into a feature film the 10 percent of a 350-plus page book that focused on a vice presidential candidate.

2. HBO chose not to adapt into a feature film that portion of the book focusing on what might have given us some insight into the man currently residing in the Oval Office.

3. HBO chose a book written by two men who were not on the campaign trail with Governor Palin, who made a conscious choice of their own to tell only the side of the story coming from those who refused to go on the record. Those willing to go on the record, those willing to stake their reputations on their side of the story, were all but ignored by these authors.

4. HBO chose to give left-wing partisans, who openly support Obama, millions of dollars to bring their vision of his likely challenger to life.

5. HBO chose as a release date (their absurdly dishonest protests aside) the Saturday after Super Tuesday. Think about this: If it’s March of 2011, and you’re remaking “The Hidden,” and you’re thinking ahead to the most likely day the alien might be one step away from obtaining power, what better day to rush in with your flamethrower than the Saturday after Super Tuesday? (cut)

Pardon my mixing of movie metaphors, but Moore portrays Palin as a Manchurian Candidate for the extreme right who is activated by a phone call from the McCain campaign. Like a hypnotized spy, she’s humorless, incapable of any kind of emotional connection with anyone, bewildered by circumstance and absolutely determined to meet the goal she’s been programmed to complete. She’s cold, snippy, power-hungry and cruel. Yes, she’s dangerously ignorant of the simplest ways by which the world works, but it’s her calculating political instincts (and we rubes who fall for her beauty, simplicity and venomous hate for Obama) that see her through to triumph.

HBO informs us that Palin speaks in tongues. Moreover, we’re asked to believe that a self-made governor — an honor student who put herself through college, is “flipping” fascinated to discover Germany was our enemy during the world wars. We’re told that the very same woman who gave this interview in 2008 had no idea in 2008 that England has a prime minister. We’re instructed that the engaged governor, who wrote these emails and who sent her son to war and who understands the complexities of harvesting and trading energy like few others, is shocked to learn Saddam Hussein wasn’t behind 9/11, needs a flashcard to memorize what NAFTA is and has never heard of the Federal Reserve.”  full story here

This is a delicious article, written brilliantly by John Nolte at breitbart.com. (insert standing ovation here).  I encourage you to read it in it’s entirety.

The (radical) Left hate Sarah Palin. The (radical) Let who purports itself to be all about feminism, equality and gender rights, loathes Sarah Palin.  And they have since she first stepped into the national scene and made the speech heard’round the world, when she publicly accepted John McCain’s invitation to be his 2008 VP running mate.

Sarah Palin was hated and reviled because – she was hugely accepted for speaking clear,concise, conservative principles. . . and did so ‘articulately’, to a starving public.  She spoke with unusual wit and strength.  A true self made woman, gutsy and unafraid of critics . . . and just as unwilling to compromise on principles.

So why is she so hated by the (radical) Left and beyond?  How can that be, you ask, since the Left is ‘all about feminism, equality and gender rights’?  Because of the hypocrisy.  The Left doesn’t support “woman” any more than communist support individual rights.  The Left cares about leftist, liberal woman . . . period.  They seeks to destroy all opponents to it’s Leftist cause, of which Gov. Sarah Palin is in the fore.

Beautiful, intelligent, articulate and popular with the thinking Right, she’s exemplifies womanhood, all while being a successful wife, mother and ‘working woman’.

She’s not a thin-skinned, sissified, arrogant, can’t- take- the- heat, Audacity of Audaciousness Barack Hussein Obama.

There’s no one that can make the argument that Sarah Palin can’t take the heat, can’t take attacks.  No one has been more personally maligned and lied about that her.  She’s had her personal life, her children and her new, challenged baby drug through the muck’n mire and come out smelling like a newly picked rose bud.

Sarah Palin is an example of what all women should want to be – an example of self- assured, self- composed, self- made woman, covered in well deserved dignity and respectability (and – she did so by not by hanging on to a man’s coattail to the top.) Therefore, all women especially in America, have a lot to thank her for . . . or at least be courteous enough to shut their mouths when they see their hatred reflected back from in the bathroom mirror.