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Laura Ingraham: “When it was brought up on The View — I go on there every now and then and they’re always really nice to me when I go — when it was brought up on The View, Barbara Walters kind of laughed it off, like, ‘Joy, you call me that word all the time,’ and they just laughed. But when Fluke goes on yesterday, it’s ‘Oh, isn’t this a tragedy?’ and ‘Oh isn’t this horrible? Rush Limbaugh should be driven off the air.’”  here

Hyperventilation; gasp of shock and horror; unmitigated ire at Rush Limbaugh’s words?  Yep, but only becuase it was said by a Conservative and not some hateful, political bigot wearing the tags of Democrats, Liberal or Leftist.

This is the same politically- correct- garbage emitting from the Left when a white CONSERVATIVE uses the (scientific) term, “black hole” (here it here).  This foolish, Democrat, John Wiley Price, had a melt down.  Black rappers use the “n word” (I’ll use kindergarten talk so not to offend liberals), the “b word” and the extremely foul “c word” all the time and are given Music awards and accolades for doing so.

Talk show host, Laura Ingraham, was called a “slut” last year by MSNBC’s Ed Schultz …. and that didn’t make front page headline news at the New York Times. It wasn’t the subject of Democrat lead political discourse or phony news conferences. Barack Hussein Obama didn’t grant interviews to bring up his daughters names nor did he call Ms Ingraham to “see if she was alright”.  And he’ll also eagerly accept $1 million dollars from the verbal assaulter, Bill “trash mouth” Maher, who repeatedly called Gov. Sarah Palin “a c—“.  Classy.

But poor little (30 year old Leftist, political activist) Sandra Fluke is a “victim”.  Cry me a river.