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Wednesday’s New York Times: “Long before Super Tuesday, the Republican Party had cemented itself on the distant right of American politics, with a primary campaign that has been relentlessly nasty, divisive and vapid. Barbara Bush, the former first lady, was so repelled that on Tuesday she called it the worst she’d ever seen. We feel the same way.
The Times really went over the top in this paragraph:

Republican politicians have pursued their assault on Mr. Obama, the left and any American who disagrees with them for years now. There are finally signs that they may pay a price for the casual cruelty with which they attack whole segments of society. Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican of Alaska, said on Tuesday that the Republicans have left people thinking they are at war with women. Women are right to think that.”  Read more: here

The Times rarely disappoints . . . but ‘thinking people’ can always see through their somewhat distorted humor and biased Left-wing, Democrat agenda.

“Distant right”?  How are policies to contain massive government spending of money American doesn’t have, “distant right”?  How is repealing Obama’s socialist mandates, which the vast majority of Americans don’t want, “distant right”?  Clearly and as usual, the NYTimes is hunkered down in the litter box, to cover up the leavings that Obama and Democrats have forced on American’s freedom and prosperity.  It’s easier to change the topic than defend the indefensible.

“assault on Mr. (note, not President) Obama, the left and any American who disagrees with them for years now”…. my goodness!  How shocking!  For once the NYTimes has actually stolen right-winger, Republican, Conservative commentary! Surely a show of true desperation.  But I suppose if you can’t deny the facts, it suites their Leftist propaganda to claim them as their own.

There is no “cruelty” on attacks on “segments of society”, expect the Democrats War on the Womb.  (story here)   

The ‘wag the dog’ scenario provided by the Democrats phony, trumped up ‘war on women’ is at best, a joke.  At worst, a distraction provided by and for Obama, so he doesn’t have to discuss the price of oil, the price of gasoline, the price his radical polices are forcing on working Americans.

Republicans don’t ‘divide’ people by class or gender or economic standings.  That’s a play right out of the Communist Manifesto (don’t believe it, look it up).  Republican Conservatives support personal liberty, which requires by definition, responsibility.  And a person first responsibility is to make himself informed on all issues.  Swallowing and regurgitating Leftist, Democrat “talking points” will give the inhaler and the country, political indigestion.