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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Wednesday actually attacked children at a Mitt Romney campaign event:
Matthews asked guests Chuck Todd of NBC and Major Garrett of National Journal, “Who are these featureless, young people waving those placards? I mean, are they, are they androids? Who are these people that seem thrilled? Look at them. They all go up in unison. They all put their placards up at exactly the same way. They all are exactly in unison. Is this North Korea?”
“…, he still looks like one of the figures at the Hall of the Presidents, one of those statues that are monitorized, you know, motorized. Stand up and wave. There he is with his wife. She looks normal. They turn around, they wave to a crowd of androids who all look the same. They all put their placards up at the same time. He turns around and smiles as if he’s connecting with them. And he clearly is not a human being connecting with other human beings. Look at this? Is this real?”  Read more: here

Matthews would, of course, find nothing wrong in mocking school children, who are attending a support rally with their parents.  Parents there to support a Presidential candidate of their choice.  I hope Matthews called his Senator, and requested a federal investigation or at least the local Child Protective Agency, who I’m sure would be equally as thrilled to investigate this problematic picture.

Very oddly, not once did Chris “leg tingle” Matthews find anything wrong, inappropriate or troubling with the little “androids” persuaded to sing songs of Obama.  (troubling examples below):