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Consumer Reports is unique in that it purchases all test products at retail level, as was the case with the Fisker Karma it was evaluating.

It had owned the US $107,850 car for just two days when a warning message flashed on the dashboard indicating a major fault. Consumer Reports’ technician managed to get the car off the track and into Park while trawling through the owner’s manual for a solution to the problem. At that point the Karma’s transmission failed to engage any gear except Park and Neutral, effectively dying.   Consumer Reports says that it buys 80 cars a year and insists this is the first time a test car has broken down prior to completing the evaluation process..” here

Another Obama failure’s?  Evidently so.  Obama gave Fisker Karma 1/2 billion taxpayer dollars to invest in this hybrid dud.

Regardless of his protests, Obama certainly is no capitalist when it when comes to the engine that drives a free country and free economy.  If a product, whether a light bulb or overprice vehicle like the failed Chevy Volt or this $107 grand piece of driveway debris, is wanted by consumers, it will survive and flourish on it’s on.  When it can’t stand on its own,  it’s either a product not wanted or doesn’t perform as promised and thus, will fail. This is also something a 5 year old with a lemonade stand can understand.  And the reason why governemnt needs to keep his nose and our money, out of capitalist ventures.

Barack Obama has literally wasted billions of taxpayer dollars, pumping money into and propping up products which can’t stand on their own.  He’s spent the last 3 plus years, giving away those billions of dollars, to these ridiculous ‘green’ producers.  The same ‘green’ producers, who by pure coincident, give large donations to his campaign.  That’s one way to enjoy ‘capitalism’ but it’s also the crooked, backdoor way.