While the Labor Department reports a surge in private-sector hiring and the nation’s unemployment rate holding steady at 8.3 percent, a closer look at the numbers paints a less flattering picture of the country’s post-recession growth.
Economy adds 227,000 jobs in February, unemployment rate unchanged at 8.3 percent
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Counting only those Americans who are actively looking for work, the jobless rate is 8.3 percent, just like it was in January. But counting those who stopped looking for work within the last year, the rate is 9.8 percent.

And counting all of the above, plus those who settled for part-time jobs, the rate is 14.9 percent.”  
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These little tricks in calculating unemployment numbers has been done in both Democrats and Republicans administrations.  But we also know that  we have a politically biased ‘news’ media who doesn’t pride themselves in “accuracy in reporting”.  When Pres. Bush’s unemployment number were hanging around 5% in 2007, the liberal press was hyperventilating with disbelief over the horrible economy we were having.  Of course, that was blatantly, and provably, untrue.

Now that we have a no growth economy and real unemployment number in double digits, we hear birds singing and see bits of sparking, sunny due drops dribbling off journalist lips.  All to prop up the worst President in decades – Barack Obama and his miserable, failed policies.