Lifetime’s reality series “Dance Moms,” which follows young girls training at the Abby Lee Dance Company, is being ripped for its latest episode involving the child dancers wearing costumes that simulate nudity.

Tuesday night’s episode, titled “Topless Showgirls,” featured girls as young as eight performing a sexually charged, provocative showgirl-like routine in a local dance competition, donning barely-there sparkly flesh-colored bras and panties to give the illusion of nudity.

“All the girls and I feel kind of nervous because we feel kind of naked,” one of the dancers said prior to taking the stage.”  
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It’s been proved by the explosion of the so-called “reality” TV shows, (which are scripted if you didn’t realize) that people will watching absolutely anything.  I suppose in part, it might be to see people they consider to be stupider, more asinine or trashier than they consider themselves to be.  Toss in whatever adjective or adverb you choose. But for the majority, these shows do hover around .05 in the Stupid Meter.

But I can’t imagine the stupidity of a parent, who willingly parades their 8 year old, baby girl around on a stage flaunting her ‘sexuality’?!  

This is a disgrace. This was the exploitation of little girls in a ridiculous publicity stunt to gain ratings or to be notice.  The shows producers need to be held accountable for such provocative, bad taste and judgment; but most of all these little girls parents in a verbal whipping of the worst sort.  How dare they allow this to happen…. and to happen with their blessings.  Children only have a few short years to be children.  Parading them around on stage, scantly dressed or smeared up like a hooker, does them no favors.