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Bill Maher:  (Limbaugh) . . . . He’s a stupid fat f–k who’s not funny and it annoys me that, it annoys me that people who cannot keep two disparate thoughts in their own mind lump me in together with him.”

First off, who is Bill Maher – as one of the most vulgar people on television – to determine what’s a disgusting sentiment?  Given all the truly vile things he has said about conservative women over the years, he certainly is no arbiter of decency, and it’s a farce for him to suggest he is.  Secondly, why is humorously calling a 30-year-old woman wanting others to pay for her birth control a slut and a prostitute disgusting? Or, more importantly, how does it come close to calling Sarah Palin a “dumb tw-t” or a “c-nt” as Maher has?”Read more: here

Maybe I’m like a dog with a bone, but it is hard to let go of Maher, especially in light of the humongous hypocrisy involved with these Leftist. 

Bill Maher is not just a foul-mouthed, conservative hating hypocrite. He is in fact, one of the worst offenders in the public.  There is no excuse, no reason to use the horrific, highly offensive language that he does, simply because he hates conservatives.  To spew that kind of venom at any women, exposes his thinking on ALL women …. and it’s ugly.

There was a time when a husband or father or brother …. or any respectful man, would punch another man in the nose for such disrespest driected at any woman.  Maher cowardly hides behind being a “comedian” and thus, believes he gives himself immunity from criticism or question.  In fact, it does not.  And I honesty doubt Andrea Mitchell of ABC, be chortling if he referred to her or Hillary Clinton as “tw-t” or “c—“.  But Ms Mitchell has only found it fit to condemn Limbaugh and ignore Maher.  Which makes a sensible person wonder how these Libs on the Left are always eager to rush in and defend the indefensible.

Maher is simply a hateful, nasty political bigot, too stupid and lazy, to acquire the ability of using humor in a respectfully tone.  No, his goal is to use highly incendiary, offensive language toward conservatives.  And honestly, that should make everyone in the country shun his ‘slutty’ behavior.  Because if you don’t shun it…. you’re endorsing it.

 Maybe if someone punched him in the nose, he’d get the message.  And that could be quite funny?