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Fact: President Barack Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu wants to “figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” At the time he made the statement, gas cost $7 – $8 a gallon in Europe.
Fact: Since taking office, President Obama’s entire energy agenda has made a gallon of gas more expensive.” Read the entire article:  here

When Pres. George W Bush left office, gasoline prices were around $1.87.  Now, under the “leading- from- behind”, punish- oil- producers policy of Obama, gas is at $3.87 and climbing.  And the incompetent Sec. Chu had the gall, or stupidity, to admit that the Obama regiem wants higher prices.  I suppose he can always deny what he said, a favor trick of Democrats and the obedient media.

At the same time, our man-child President is trying to brag that oil production is “higher than it’s ever been”.  The fact is, production is higher  . . . .  due to Pres. Bush’s 8 year term of encouraging exploration and drilling.  It has nothing, nada, zero to do with any of Obama’s crimping policies, which have shut down drilling throughout the U.S.

Barack Hussein Obama is a provable liar.  This pathetic Marxist and his socialist policies are the major reason oil prices are rising.  And yet this whiny little man now wants to take credit for Bush’s policies, just as he did with the killing/capture of Osama bin Laden.  That wouldn’t have been possible without the Bush administration’s polices which Barack left in place.

At best, Barack Hussein Obama is a fraud.  He’s pretends to be  someone he isn’t, takes credit for what he had little to do with and places blame on everyone else.  Anyone besides himself. That’s certainly his ‘signature’.

The countdown is on.  And with God help and disgusted voters, we’ll soon be rid of this man and his horrid regime.