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 Vast Majority of U.S. House Votes to Criminalize Protest (H.R. 347)

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution declares that the people of the United States have a right to assemble, speak and petition the government for redress of grievance that cannot be abridged. But with the passage of H.R. 347, the Congress has gone ahead and abridged that right anyway. H.R. 347 (bizarrely named the “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act”) declares that whoever knowingly engages in protest near a building where the president is doing his business is guilty of a federal crime if the protest “impedes” or “disrupts” the flow of government business or official functions.”     here

This is one of the more outrageous offenses to the Constitution and the American people ever signed by any President.  Clearly, this is in violation of the 1st Amendment and yet, our Representatives in Congress created this horrendous piece of illegitimate trash and Marxist Obama signed it. . .  in secret on March 8, 2012.  No CNN and ABC cameras were present, so Obama could receive his personal accolades.  No for this signing, it was all strictly hush-hush.

This ‘law’ gives Obama the discretion to give his Secret Service the right to arrest any protesters, regardless of how peaceful or quietly they assemble.  If they decide the signs or words might be offensive or upsetting to dear thin-skinned Obama, protesters will be arrest.  This inhibits free speech by disallowing demonstrations at any president ail appearance under penalty of law; a felony.  All at the whim of a president.

Write your Congressman and ask him or her how they voted and demanded why this wasn’t brought to the people.  Why wasn’t this discussed OPENLY in the House floor, as is done in a free society?  This has nothing to  do with “protecting” a President.  This is in direct violation of the 1st Amendment and these people know it . . . and yet, passed it anyway.

Do you really think we’re not living under Obama induced tyranny? Given four more years, this man will have successfully shredded our Constitution, our rights, our freedoms.