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Fishbowl DC reported late Monday that “CNN staff was alerted today on the 10 am conference call that Roland Martin’s suspension has been lifted.” He no doubt pleased GLAAD by complaining on Twitter Monday that no one had a sense of humor who was “tripping” at the show “GCB.”  He said Christians should “lighten up.” The show could not be made if it was titled “Good Gay Bitches.”
He added, “The argument of Christians that Hollywood always mocks them is undercut by other Christian-themed TV shows. This is a faux controversy”. When I asked Martin if his wife the Rev. Jacquie Hood Martin objected or if the “bitches” title was okay because there were no black actresses in ABC’s gang of “bitches,” he only replied, “Nope. I get satire. But go ahead and knock yourself out, dude”  Read more: here

“GCB” isn’t “satire”.  The  ABC Sunday night show, which was taken from a book, “Good Christian Bitches”, well knew there would be blow-back from the title (as well there should have been).  And thus the reason they renamed it “GCB“, in hopes of averting further criticism from their audience and non-audience alike.  These are the people that ABC must consider idiots.  The network is now trying to push the show as “Good Christian BELLS”, but that doesn’t seem to be flying.  Except with the compliment ones, who just as soon mock Christians as not.

Conclusion – maybe not everyone is an idiot, ABC.

And the ‘so funny’ liberal Roland Martin sees no harm?  If true, then he would have recognized the “satire” in Limbaugh’s remark, since that’s what it was.  But somehow that flew right over his biased thinking.

Hollywood is long past movies of the magnitude of, “Ben Hur”, “The Ten Commandments” (and for you Liberals readers, that has nothing to do with the Constitution) and “Spartacus”.  Previously forbidden words like “bitch”,  “pi****” and a few others I won’t bother with, are becoming common place in the previously known, ‘family hour’ of television.  “Father” no longer “Knows Best” – he’s a boob; an idiot simpleton at best, who by pure luck is married to a beautify intelligent, feminist that has to run everything for the imbecile ‘head of household’.  The off spring of these people is likely a potty- mouth, drug using, fornicating brat, and living a brutish life under the less than watchful eye of moronic, liberal teacher.  And church is something mentioned when a suitably funny joke is able to be made about the backwoods attenders, their hypocrisy and racism, of course revolving around the fact that they must be Republicans.

Too many Americans view this as comedy; humor of the lowest form and something a liberal audience can relate too.  True respect for parenthood and church going Americans just isn’t funny to the simpletons writing scripts. Hard work and self reliance has no self-made giggles.  Church goers raising courteous, drug free, non-fornication children is just something to be mocked and ridiculed.  Who does that anymore, they ask?  It must be those weird, rightwing Republicans – that’s where the laughs are.  At least for Hollyweird. . .  and another reason not to be expecting a sequel called, “Good Muslims Bitches”.