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Take, for example, Harris County, the county encompassing Houston, Texas. The irregularities in voter registration in this jurisdiction have raised serious concerns over election integrity through the investigative efforts of nonprofits and Harris County agencies alike. . . . .  Catherine Engelbrecht, (said) what started as a simple effort to exercise civic duty and get involved brought them face to face with what she referred to as frightening and gross incompetence on the part of some election and county workers at the polls.

Engelbrecht pointed out in her interview with Townhall that even though Texas law allowed 11 different forms of identification to be used at that time to verify identity, which was required to vote, she and her 70 election volunteers noticed that many voters were being allowed to vote without any identification at all……
The first had 7,560, the second 8,981, and the third—the district of Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the prominent, outspoken Democratic congresswoman—had 19,596 instances with six or more voters registered at one address. Read full article:here

Texas, my home state, recently passed a Voter ID Law requiring a photo ID to vote.  No problem.  All Drivers license have a photo, any Texas acceptable ID’s have a photo requirement.

But, not so fast.  The Obama regiem immediately sent his people into Texas, via Eric Holder and his gang of thugs, to cry foul, racism and stop the process.  Are they that afraid that they, the Democrats, will lose votes?  You bet.

There’s only one reason to oppose Voter ID and that’s to cheat.  You want people to easily commit voter fraud and vote multiple times…. which is precisely what Democrats are up too through the country.  It must be they realize it’s the only way, the easiest way, to remain in office –  since they’re continuing on the side of Voter Fraud.