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The American soldier who is accused in a massacre of 16 villagers near Kandahar could face the death penalty, a military defense attorney said Monday, in one of the worst cases of alleged mass murder by a U.S. service member since the Vietnam War…… After the massacre, he went back to his base and turned himself in, officials said.  here

What a lovely precedent.  One of our own, due to yet unknown pressures or reasoning’s, killed 16 villagers in Afghanistan and he might be given the death penalty.

Meanwhile Muslim Maj. Nadal Hasan, (the ‘butcher of Ft. Hood’ who proudly displayed “Soldier of Allah” on his government issued business card) who is by all reasonable accounts, a terrorists who slaughtered 12 or his co-workers at Ft Hood, is receiving medial care for his paralysis, well feed and has jail to look forward to.  No mention of any death penalty for this butcher.

This is of course absurd and unjust.

The Obama regime, who still refuses to call Hasan what he is, a terrorist committing an act of terror on an American base, foolishly refers to this an “workplace violence”.   I can’t help but wonder if Obama made a phone call to Hasan’s family with apologies.

On the other hand, an American soldier, fighting the Muslim, terrorist enemies in Afghanistan, isn’t given the same ‘privilege’ or benefit of the doubt or even support for his “workplace violence”.

No, he was immediately thrown under the proverbial bus and then run over by this proverbial regiem and compliment, eager Liberal media.  How foolish to expect any cohesive consistency from Barack Hussein Obama or his dutiful apologist.