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 A flag showing President Barack Obama prompted local veterans to confront Lake County Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Hurlbert over its legality and to ask her to remove it at party headquarters on Tuesday, March 13, 2012, in Tavares.

President Obama’s face in place of stars on an American flag flying at Lake County Democratic Headquarters in Tavares irked a group of veterans on Tuesday, who found themselves engaged in a verbal confrontation and the threat of police action when they requested the flag be taken down.”   here

I thought it was extremely poor judgment for the Obama regime to allow Indian tribes to kill our national symbol, the Bald Eagle.  Not out of a need for food, but purely for ORNAMENTATION purposes – to decorate their little head caps, or whatever.  Rather outrageous.

But the Democrats have fallen to a new low (something to be expected weekly… or possibly daily under this regime’s rule), by putting Barack Hussein Obama’s FACE on the AMERICAN FLAG.  Is there nothing sacred to these politically obsessed bigots?  The America flag is the American flag, which thousands have died for and fought under.  It should not be used as a promotion tool for Obama.  Need I say – i d i o t s.