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Obama and his obedient minions in the Fish and Wildlife Service are going to allow the Northern Arapaho Indians of Wyoming to kill a few Bald Eagles ( here).  This was after a law suite had been filed stating the need to kill the birds of “religious reasons”.  And thus, bye-by birdie.

Recall the kerfuffle a few weeks back when the Catholic church said they didn’t want to pay for women’s contraception devices, abortions or STD’s.  The Obama regime was quick to tell them, they must, because it had been so deemed by our dear leader, Barack Obama.  After being slapped around an iddy bit, Obama was said to have “backed down” (which he actually didn’t) by demanding insurance provide such products and services for “fee”.  This of course meant, the cost would be passed along to the Catholic hospitals, aka they would be paying for them.

Where’s Obama’s concern for Catholic “religious reasons”?  Well, my my, there seems to be a bit of hypocrisy transpiring within this regiem, does there not?

And it will be interesting when a Muslim brings a law suite demanding his “honor killings” be accepted as legal for “religious reasons”.  I wonder how Obama will rule on high for that one?