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For reasons known only to them, liberals in this country have decided that common-sense laws designed to have would-be voters present proof of identity before casting a ballot are inherently racist. They’ve ranted and raved against the laws (despite the fact that they’ve been held to be constitutional by the Supreme Court). Now, having failed repeatedly to block voter ID laws at the ballot box and in the legislatures, the NAACP has decided to sic the United Nations on its fellow Americans as Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski report”  here:
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It’s been said before and will be said many times more (thanks to the asininity of Democrats): if you’re against a Voter ID, you’re for fraud. That’s spelled ‘c h e a t i n g’.

Nothing is clearer than the phonied up involvement of the NAACP, who openly disprove of the word “colored”, except when it’s in their name or used by a fellow, proven non-“Oreo” black person.  Especially since black Americans have been successfully voting for many decades.

But who can have any doubt that Barack Hussein Obama or his obliging minions, requested the oh- so- critical involvement of the UN in the American voting process?  Laws passed legally by individual states, being scrutinized by human rights violators in the United Nation, is almost laughable.  Were it not repugnant.  Just by pure ‘coincidence’ and with optimum timing, out pops the boobs of the UN.  The same leaders who are well known for throwing acid in the face of women, disallowing all of their citizens access to the voting process and phony voting along with phony elections, for the purpose of keeping communist like Huge Chavez in office.  Yes, we certainly want to take heed from this group of thugs, which behaves like an extent of the DNC.  And the New Black Panthers (here).

How pathetic when Liberals so willingly and eagerly endorse turning over American sovereignty to UN thugs and dictators, but such is the warped mind of the Leftist.  According to the U.S. Constitution, which (Liberal) Democrat appointed Justice Ruth B Ginsberg openly defames, individual states have the authority to make their own laws.  Requiring a photo ID to vote is no crime, but intended to prevent crime . . .  and therefore met with protests from criminals, aka, the Democrat Party and the thugs in the (In)Justice Department, Eric “my people” Holder.

This is the usual bump in the road we’re all forced to face, and pay for, when Democrats are afraid of losing votes through criminal activity. Democrats, falsely crying “racism!!” , as they have their own corrupt, voting schemes rattling in their heads, from sea to shinning sea.  “It’s the fraud, stupid” should be pounded into those rattling heads.