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From David Axelrod’s Magic Land of the Double Standard: “Cleanup attempt at CNN. Bring the hazmat suits.”
Tonight on CNN, as reported by several outlets (Mediaite, Politico, LA Times, but not the Associated Press, which as of 11:45 p.m. on Thursday hadn’t done a national story about Maher in 10 days), David Axelrod told Erin Burnett, in the process of dodging a question about whether an Obama Super-PAC would give back Bill Maher’s $1 million contribution, said that Maher’s outrageous, misogynist comments against mostly conservative women really aren’t as important as Rush Limbaugh’s one-time, apologized-for hits at Sandra Fluke”  Read Blumer’s article here:: here

Our dear leader, Obama Hussein Obama, won’t be demanding that his glorious Super PAC return any $1000 bucks.  He doesn’t need to care what Maher said about Sarah Palin.  Vulgar personal attacks on a conservative woman, is nothing to get his tiddy whites in a wad over.  After all, Maher wasn’t attacking one of the Obamaettes or big Mama MO, just a conservative.  “Nothing to see here!  Move along!”

Obama is the Head of the Hypocrite Party, also know as Democrats, where everything is justifiable and acceptable, as long as it “targets” their “enemy”.

Obama’s War On Woman, via Sarah Palin, is displayed in his newest video (here).  No one knows why he’s attacking this “private citizen” (in light of his maligning Limbaugh for doing just that) unless he believes it’ll bring him financial gains.  Is Obama not still concerned with the Obamaettes freedom to speak without being attacked?  Obama is filled with contradictions . . . also known as hypocrites.

The fact are clear, even to the politically blind.  Maher’s vulgar, non-humorous attack on conservative women has blown up in his face. . . . . .

and our ‘dear leader’ won’t be giving up a penny in his road to reclaiming the White House.  It will be much like Sherman’s march to the sea, destroying the South in his wake.  It will be filled with the ever expanding, personal destruction of his “enemies” and causalities will be bountiful.

After all, this is Barack Hussein Obama, a Democrat, who wants to play dictator for another 4 (possibly longer) dreadful years, as he oversees the demise of America’s exceptionalism.