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Apparently, Americans aren’t the only ones who question Joe Biden being second in line for the presidency. New documents show Osama bin Laden recognized Biden’s incompetence and wanted to concentrate on killing General David Petraeus and President Obama instead. Why?
“The reason for concentrating on them,” the al-Qaeda leader explained to his top lieutenant, “is that Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make (Vice President Joe) Biden take over the presidency. … Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis. As for Petraeus, he is the man of the hour … and killing him would alter the war’s path” in Afghanistan.”   here

“Unprepared” . . . wow, that’s putting it mildly.  Joe Biden is a boob of the balatron kind.  No one knows why anyone would choose Biden as a Vice President, unless it was blackmail of some sort. 

This silly man is a gaff machine of immense embarrassments . . .  much less qualified to be VP.  And since we’re never to ‘speak ill of the dead’, I will add, at least bin Laden had some common sense, albeit well hidden.

Poor ole Joe, can’t even gain the simplest respect from one of the worlds most degenerate terrorist.  And I imagine Mrs. B makes him pick up his own socks.