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The federal government on Thursday began making good on its promise to cut off all funding for the Texas Medicaid Women’s Health Program amid an escalating fight over the state’s ban on funding for clinics affiliated with abortion providers. In a letter to state officials, Cindy Mann, director of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said her agency regretted the move. “We had hoped not to be at this point. But, unfortunately, as we’ve made clear to the state at all points in this process, we don’t have a choice,” Mann said on a conference call with reporters after sending the letter…”

Purely on a biased, political agenda, the Obama regime is cutting funding for women’s health in Texas.  Well, hip hip hooray!

The faster we get big, busybody federal government out of our lives, the better off we are.

Despite the lies Democrats will be regurgitating, women won’t be dying in the streets.  Not even the Liberal ones, unless they make that personal choice for some dramatic statement.

I’m not sure when the American pioneer spirit died (or was it murdered), but there doesn’t seem to be a spark of it left in the Land of Liberalism.  Liberals make a career of demanding someone else pay for what they want – and it’s really quite sickening to freedom loving people.  If left to flounder in the streets, perhaps that would be incentive for these entitlement loving people, to get off their lazy honkers and take care of themselves, the way it’s been done for generations.  Certainly worth a shot.

But in any case, it’s the Obama regiem denying women care – not Republicans.  Just as Barack Obama forced his personal will and mandate on the Catholic church, he believes he’s entitled (there’s that word again) to do so with the entire country.  Whether Voter ID, protecting ourselves from the illegal invasion, not wanting Socialized Medicine or “women’s health”, Obama demands his way or a visit from the Holder (In)Justice Department.  Very dictatorial of him.

Texas will continue to fight The Thug From Chicago, our incompetent Marxist President.  We don’t choose to fund abortion clinics.  And we’ll do without federal dollars (although, this is our federal tax money Obama’s keeping), and we make our own decisions.

But in the meantime, Obama’s War On Women, headed by the Democrat Party, is in full view of the country.  More blood on the hands of the radicals – the blood of unborn, lead  by the Party of Death and it’s leader, Mr. Infanticide, Barack Hussein Obama.

(*art image courtesy of The People’s Cube)