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It didn’t take long for Republicans to get bashed during David Letterman’s interview with Michelle Obama Monday night.

In the middle of an election year, the CBS Late Show host actually asked the First Lady, “Has your husband ever come home and said to you, ‘Oh, that John Boehner, what an idiot?’
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And ole Michelle chortled it up right along with ole Dave and his inept audience. Evidently there’s nothing as funny as ridiculing a ‘political opponent’ behind their back.  At least if they’re a Republican.

But what a shame Letterman didn’t really bring on the laughter by asking if one of the Obamaettes had been “knocked up” by A Rod during his visit to the White House.  Or he could have brought the house to uproarious tears if he had commented on Michelle “slutty flight attendant look”.

What missed opportunities.

Typical classless Letterman.  And totally unclassy for FLOTUS to pay homage to a Left-wing bomb thrower like Letterman.  Somehow, I can’t see Laura Bush participating in such a political sham.