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A 13-year-old Kansas City boy is back home after two teenagers poured gasoline on him and lit him on fire.  It happened  at the teen’s home, just down the street from Kansas City’s East High School.

Melissa Coon said …. said the teens followed her son home and attacked him outside his front door. And they rushed him on the porch as he tried to get the door open,” she said. “(One of them) poured the gasoline, then flicked the Bic, and said, ‘This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy’.”

Coon said the incident will have a lingering affect on her family.”My five year old came in and asked me, ‘Mom, am I going to get set on fire today?'” she said. “I was in tears.”

Coon said her family will move from their home and her son will not return to East High School. She said he thinks his attackers may be students there. Police said the two suspects are male and have facial hair. Police said one was wearing a blue hat, blue jacket, and shoes with the number 23 on the side. The other wore a blue hat, a black jacket, and wore glasses.” Read more: here

Here’s a case of true racism; of true racial hatred.
Have you even heard about about it in the news?  Is Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton demanding “justice” for the young, white kid?  That would be, NO.
We’ve been bombarded with the story of a 18 yr old black boy, Trayvon Martin, who was on a 5 day suspension from school, and who appears to have gotten into a fight of some sort with a mixed race, non-black young man and was tragically shot and killed.  The shooter claimed ‘self defense’.
This story doesn’t sound like ‘race’ had anything to do with what happened.  It sounds more like George Zimmerman was foolishly wanting to play ‘big man on campus’ as neighborhood, self-appointed ‘watch dog’, and got himself into deep trouble.  But there is no, positively no evidence thus far, that this was a racial crime.  And yet all the race mongering, white haters like Sharpton are siring up as much hatred as they can.
This is absurd.
What should be done is a full investigation to determine the facts.  But idiots like Sharpton are simply stirring up hate for the sake of attention.  He’s more concerned about this TV time than true ‘justice’.  That what Al “twana brawly” Sharpton has ever been about.
In the meantime, a white boy was attacked and burned by black kids.  Where’s the outrage and demand for justice.
Evidently, that’s only coming from his parents and a few police in Kansas City.
And I hope you caught the other absurdity – the “Police said the two suspects are male and have facial hair.”  It was reported these were BLACK kids, but was left conveniently left out of the story.  What what purpose?  So not to offend any of the potentially, highly offend-able black citizens in Kansas City and around the coutnry… with the facts?
I’m sure Al Sharpton doesn’t give a twit about this poor, burned kid… anymore than he does about this young man in Florida.  It’s all about Sharpton and his TV time.  He should shut up and go home, but that won’t happen either.
I’m so sick of the hypocrisy and lack of real justice for all – regardless of skin tone.