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On Friday’s The Ed Show on MSNBC, host Ed Schultz and MSNBC political analyst Richard Wolffe – formerly of Newsweek – drew attention to a woman at a shooting range who recently encouraged Rick Santorum to “pretend it’s Obama” while the GOP presidential candidate was firing at a target.
After Schultz noted that Santorum criticized the comment when it was brought to his attention, Wolffe warned viewers, ” Well, think what happened towards the end of the McCain campaign in 2008, the kind of comments that were coming out of the crowds then, we’re going to see the same thing again. Brace yourself. This kind of ugliness will come out, it will be more vocal…”
Wolffe went on to admonish Santorum for visiting a shooting range during the campaign, asserting that “you’re asking for trouble” by doing so. Wolffe:
But, honestly, what kind of candidate goes and has an event at a shooting range? I mean, you’re asking for trouble.”   (Read more: here)
The obviously phony and hyperventilating hypocrisy of the Left is stultifying to common sense people.    
What the liberal- biased Richard Wolffe is referring to, was an outburst at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania for Palin/McCain . . . oh, I suppose that should be McCain/Plain, back in 2008.  A man in the audience yelled out, “KILL HIM” directly referring to Barack Hussein Obama.  The Secret Service investigated, talked to the man involved and subsequently disclosed looooong ago, that the ‘yeller’ was in fact a (biased, liberal) reporter who intentionally yelled “kill  him” to create a fire storm of talking points for Democrats.  But, he was busted and his evil plot exposed.  Something Richard Wolffe, an unfair and unbalanced ex-Newsweek journalist, was apparently never made aware of those little, un-notable facts.  Or more likely, he was being intentionally misleading.
In any case, making a silly comment about pretending to target Obama, can’t compare to the obscene, wildly radical and hate-filled rhetoric spewed out by some Democrats.  For instance,  Dem. Congress woman Maxine Waters who just a few weeks ago, told her captive audience that Tea Party participants can “go to hell”.  But such civility from Democrats directed at American citizenry, is to be expected.  Then we have all the obscenities which have bellowed out of the mouths of the talking heads at MSNBC in particular, disparaging conservatives in general and woman conservatives in particular.  Totally inexcusable.
But of course, in the disarranged thinking of Richard Wolffe, Santorum must be maligned in spite of the FACT that he “criticized” the off beat comment. 
But for crying out loud, what can possible be wrong with going to a shooting range?  Surely this goofy Wolffe knows that neither people nor animals are shot at?  And I certainly don’t recall Wolffe spewing such silliness at Dem. Sen. John Kerry, during his HUNTING- spree photo-op, in his failed 2004 campaign to beat Pres. George W Bush.  
The Democrats and Leftist continue to make fools of themselves as they spit out biased venom at conservatives.  It should be consider a crime to use such heightened, hateful blusterings against another person . . . simply because they politically disagree.  But this is an Obamanation, after all.