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… hyperpartisan Democrat Chris Matthews sees himself as a “centrist?” In an aside during a conversation with MSNBC contributor Joan Walsh, the leg-thrilling pundit emphatically claimed the moderate label for himself, stating that he could understand President Obama being criticized by both liberals and conservatives on the Keystone Pipeline.

A transcript from the exchange which occurred on the March 22, 2012 edition of “Hardball:”

MATTHEWS: Take it from a centrist. I know what it’s like.

WALSH: ….      It’s very classic Barack Obama. He wants to be the man in the middle. He wants to be the man of moderation. He wants to split the baby (not literally) and he wants to come up with a compromise that works. I just don’t think it’s possible here.”
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Liberals live in a world of their own making.   They have no relationship to the ‘real world’ nor reality . . . just whatever they dream it up to be at the moment.  Which also goes for whatever they say and how distortedly unrealistic it might be.

Matthews, one of the bigger hate-mongering,  radically biased, anti-conservative Leftist, considers himself “moderate”.  Which is as insanely ludicrousness as calling Obama, a true Marxist, wanting to be “the man in the middle”.  The only thing Obama is in the ‘middle’ of is communism – unable to deceive whether to go all out extreme, or hold back with just a treading- left- amount of socialism.

After hearing what Obama muttered to the current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, it seems more apparent that he’s envious of any dictators unfettered power.  And something Obama keeps taking bold steps toward.